Monday, 11 January 2010

Google Favours Islam

It looks like Google are up to their old tricks again. Following hot on the heels of the dubious Google searches on climategate, it appears that they are now favouring Islam over searches for other religions. Here are a few screen grabs of searches that I have done myself :

Leaving aside some of the outrageously bias suggestions, for the two religions above, just look what happens when you try a similar search for Islam:

Nothing. Silence. No suggestions at all.
Try it yourself if you don't believe me.

Google say this is a bug and they're trying to fix it.

Yeah, right.

I say, pull the other one it's got fucking bells on it.

In the interest of fairness, if any of my readers outside of the UK would like to try the same searches via their country's Google, I'd be interested to know if they differ from mine ;-)


GoodnightVienna said...

It's the same in Spain; Google's such a pain.

All Seeing Eye said...

I had been thinking of doing a similar post...Google Gib is no different.

Wyrdtimes said...

Bug! That's absolute bollocks. It's fear. The don't want to have to face the reprisals for displaying the billions of results for "Islam is shit".

They should change their logo to having all the letters in yellow.

Captain Haddock said...

I'm by no means an Internet genuis .. as what I'm about to suggest clearly demonstrates ..

But is it not possible for everyone to use an alternative Search Engine & ignore Google altogether ? ..

Similarly to stop using G.Mail and transfer all those accounts to another service ..

That should bring the pains on ..

If they want to attempt flexing their muscles, I'm sure we .. the public can match .. and beat them at their own game ..

Anonymous said...

You can do the same GOT
Just use the following

Anonymous said...

G.O.T. Just tried it you are correct.

Amusing Bunni said...

I got something, it came out quite a bit.
if the link doesn't work for you, email me and I"ll take a screen shot snapshot
# 1 islam is

christianity is

buddism came 8th down

Amusing Bunni said...

The auto fill came up blank, like yours GOT
Here's a video from USA
that illustrates!

something is very very fishy here
Why is islam protected over all other religions?

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how all of these so called "bugs" coincide with the Socialist viewpoint of this Planet? Obama, One Eye, Kevin Dudd in Australia.

Gotta keep the real money satisfied, as they'll all waste copious amounts on advertisement bollocks.

LSP said...

hmmm - Islam is, well, nothing. Anyway, we all know its incredibly peaceful and doesn't involve tens of thousands of people worshiping a meteorite.

Corrugated Soundbite said...

I'm sure Google realise there are programmers out here who don't work for Google. All text strings are equal (apart from in length, obviously). And there's no shortage of links pointing to each other using the words "Islam is", or featuring those words within the article text itself, nor a shortage of people punching that term into the search box.

Load of old cobblers!

Time to follow the money again...

banned said...

" 3,290,000 for islam is shit. (0.08 seconds) "

Angry Exile said...

No suggestions for "Islam is" from Google Australia either. On the other hand, as the Tele article says,

Type “Islam will” and Google suggests “be destroyed” and “destroy Europe” as possible endings. Similarly “Islam must” brings back “be destroyed”, “die” and “be stopped” as possible endings.

Yep, got all of that, plus "be banned" and "be destroyed" in response to "Islam should" and you would expect nothing at all there as well if it was just a case of missing spines. Still, it is odd that it's just Islam affected, isn't it? It'll be interesting to see how long it stays that way.

Lauren Simcock said...

I'm reminded of that saying 'something wicked this way comes'.Something is going on with the powers-that-be and the interweb is far from safe.Why has it taken SO long for the government to step in over Islam4Uk? Why have they let them peddle their filth for SO long.But as soon as the EDL come out,they are banned and branned racist football yobs.( and don't even mention the government-funded and run UAF )

Sue said...

Same from Spain, nothing!