Friday, 29 January 2010

Left Wing Blogosphere ++Updated++

It's no fucking surprise that the Right wing blogosphere continue to piss all over the left and, no wonder, with laughable efforts like this it just makes our life so much easier.

In the sidebar it says " that is here to bringing you fun for hours at the expense of Conservative....". No I'm not shitting you, that is exactly what it says and if you think the grammar is bad, just wait until you see what the fuck is supposed to be "fun for hours".

Fuck me, a blind chimpanzee with no fucking hands, no computer and no fucking internet access could do better. Well, better than Gordon Brown and his totally out of touch comrades, that's for sure.

Thanks to  Katabasis for pointing out Anna's excellent post on left wing blogging. I don't know how the fuck I missed it, she's on my blogroll and my google reader! It's definitely worth a read ;-)


Cate Munro said...

Fucking awesome Gotty - Bravo!
These idiots need to exposed for exactly what they are (ie: fucking idiots!)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely priceless isn't it.

My 'flabber' has never been so fucking 'gasted'!

Katabasis said...

Your last paragraph gave me a very good belly laugh Gotty, thanks! :)

Screech said...

Seriously...what a bunch of sad wankers.

Anonymous said...

I see they don't allow comments.

I wonder why?

Actually, I don't.

Barking Spider said...

Apart from the fact that Alan Duncan really IS a twat who would best be fired by Cameron, (from a cannon), that website is absolutely fucking pathetic!

Dark Lochnagar said...

It's truly fucking moronic. As the Lakelander says it's not suprising they don't allow comments. No wonder this fucking country is in the state it is.

Anonymous said...

And these are the same morons who rule, can't even speak proper English let alone come up with a compelling idea.

That photo on your front page of banana monkey man has his mouth wide open and oval enough it might be befitting of an appropriate photoshop job one day, mocking it up and putting something the same size into between where his two monkey-mouth lips are, of course it wouldn't be decent the image that comes to my mind when I see it.

JohnRS said...

So a completely negative site only there to try to knock the opposition with no positive ideas or thought. No comments, no humour, no creativity, no bloody chance.

Sounds like NuLieBore to me.

Anonymous said...

Yes, as a few of you have mentioned, the no comments thing is a typical left wing approach.

And the dozy cunts wonder why they can't interact with the blogosphere as well as the right so easily can.

Thanks for perfect summary ;-)

Katabasis said...

In case you guys missed this, here is a more sophisticated version of this phenomenon flagged by Anna. They are truly contemptible.