Sunday, 31 January 2010

England 2010 World Cup Song

Following the cock waving antics of the England Football Team Captain John Terry, Fabio Capello has finally settled on a suitable World Cup song for the upcoming FIFA tournament in South Africa. It's actually a slightly re-worded version of the original Frank Skinner, David Baddiel and Lightning Seeds classic . . .

He's cumming home
He's cumming home
He's cumming
Terry's on the bone

Three lays on the shirt
Terry's knob still gleaming
30 Years of hurt
Never stoppped him creaming

The official England Team shirt manufactures Umbro, a subsidiary of Nike, have denied speculation that they will be including the famous slogan "Just Do It" on the new World Cup shirts. However, they have confirmed a re-design of the England Team shirt badge to reflect the lyrics of the new England World Cup song . . . .

Hat tip to The Lakelander
for the image and the inspiration

Other news from the world of sport:
Andy Murray has today confirmed that he is Scottish.


I Albion said...

Well Murray is out !!!!!!
I am so glad,....that he is Scottish i mean.

Oldrightie said...

Andy Murray has today confirmed that he is Scottish.

Remind me of what they do with cabres?

Lauren Simcock said...

Away from home,
Away from home,
Terry's got the bone

Joe Public said...

Tiger had many different encounters before he got found out.

Terry managed only 1

Anonymous said...

I was sick and fucking tired of all the BBC commentators desperately willing him to win just so they could call him British. The man's Scottish you BBC fuckwits. Live with it.

Keep this up and we could have a full set of lyrics

That's Broken Britain for you. We can even manage to fuck up fucking ;-)

Anonymous said...

If he really did say that he is more than happy to support anybody playing against England then I'm glad he lost - he plays a girl's game anyway.

Cate Munro said...

lmfao! ('nuff said!) ;-)

Anonymous said...

Well, there may not be an official song for England this year (probably just as well) but just to help the fans cheer the lads along, we've rereleased our old chestnut, "Chant Like An English Fan" just for good measure.

Hear it here:

Anonymous said...

Check out this excellent NEW World Cup song 2010 by THE TOYZ – BE THE BEST.
It’s already being given away free in 10,000 games called TOTAL ACTION FOOTBALL and is going to be released for two children’s charities on PERRY ROAD RECORDS on 19th April.
The best song World Cup song out for years.#

Anonymous said...

We also are very partial to this catchy number by the Laddz "Chant like an English fan" it's being punted around that this could be the big hit for the real unofficial world cup song for england 2010... a sneak peek here:

Anonymous said...

try out this website for a top world cup 2010 song join the facebook group - its all for charity - Titors Insignia featuring Junction Fc - a song called Three Lions On Fire.

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