Friday, 22 January 2010

Iain Dale Is A Perfect Example ++Update++

Iain Dale is being targeted by me as an example not because I dislike him but because he is one of the high profile examples, and also one of the most obvious. Just look at his 'stat porn' as he swings his handbag around in the fight for top slots in the blogosphere.

He is a perfect example of what?

A perfect example of why we need to roll back the upsurge in people wishing to become professional politicians, and we need to get back to politicians being there first for the people, secondly for the ideology and their convictions, thirdly for their party who may Govern as a whole, and lastly for themselves. It probably started before, but Blair looks likes he could have been the first to properly exploit politics for personal gain and status. Mandelson of course was with him and to a lesser degree Brown who is too much a slave to his failed and dishonest ideology of socialism.

These people, like Dale, have no real sense of loyalty to anything other than themselves and their desire to become one of the 'movers and shakers' of Westminster. Look at Dales blog from the past few months and his coverage of the sleazy and slimy fucker Alistair Campbell, or even Mandelson. His lack of attack of these men is marked and also he has created a system where he pushes left wing and Labour blogs; his daily dozen has probably been more pro Campbell and Labour, specifically, than Tory. Why? His links have followed this trend. Why?

The likes of Campbell, unelected, disliked, corrupt and beyond contempt, and without any real scruples, ran the Government into a war. How could a press officer write the justification and intelligence that took this country to war? Who gave him the power and authority to decide whether our troops and hundreds of thousands of others lived, died and got maimed? This fucking press officer who lorded over military, intelligence and political superiors? Not to mention moral superiors. The club and Westminster insider elite is what gave him the authority, and it is that same club and authority that the likes of Dale seeks.

He is a claimed Tory and wants to become a Tory MP, but you must ask ourself why such a high profile, in the media, Tory, can't attract support for a decent seat.

Most prospective politicians seem to have fallen into this category of wannabe. Modern prospective politicians are a pussy whipped fucking shadow of their former selves as they seek to become one of the club, and will do anything and dump anyone and any ideology to become one of the club. Blair did and many others did since 1997. They are trying to be nice and not rock the boat.

Could you see Thatcher laying down and taking the lies and deceit of Brown and Labour without a fight and saying nothing as she seeks to portray herself as a kindly and good soul who doesn't want politics to descend into personal attack and anarchy? Fucking right she wouldn't, but this is what the present Tory party and hierarchy more ya boo politics for them, and that is exactly what Labour wants them to do. Soft and sorry bunch who need to fight back on Alistair Campbells terms, not suck his rhetorical cock and swallow his sperm like Dale does. The Tories need to take advice from people outside the Westminster bubble, people who don't necessarily crave being in that particular club but who believe in Tory values and hate socialism for the evil that it is. They might then get into the sort of electoral lead they should be in instead of languishing at a constant ten percent.

Dale, grow some fucking balls and chuck the pink handbag away and replace it with a pink wallet. Do you never wonder why such a high profile person can not get past being a failed PPC? Concentrate on being a Tory and attack Labour and their supporters then you will get into the Westminster club. People like Campbell will bring you down if it suits their purpose, so don't fete them as you have been doing.

Be a Tory first and politician second, though why should you listen to me? I'm only one of the fucking peasants outside the Westminster bubble so know fuck all.

Isn't that right?

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Ahhh, didiums!

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killemallletgodsortemout said...

Well put.

I really used to enjoy Iain Dale's blog, but it seems to me that the closer the election comes, the less Tory he seems to be.

The homosexual thing gets on my wick, too.

He knows he's a homosexual, I know he's a homosexual, we ALL know that he's a homosexual - just don't keep on about it. You've got what you want, Dale - equal rights for homos - now move on.


Uncle Marvo said...

I used to follow ID. I don't any more, it's all diluted.

Mind you, I didn't know he was a homosexual.

But wot you say about CmD not name-calling ...

All any of them ever do is to say what the other ones are doing wrong.

I'm bored with it.

Anonymous said...

I like Iain Dale and I used to like you. Now I don't.

Diddums! doesn't GOT get as many to his blog as Iain then? Here's one less now. Miserable old twat!

Captain Haddock said...

I've never followed Iain Dale .. because unless & until something radical happens to change the current Tory mindset .. they simply aren't worth bothering with ..

Prior to my retirement, I worked in an office where one of the blokes was Gay .. and he never shut up about it .. One day, one of the Lasses in the office who was fed up with hearing all about it told him .. "Look we all know you're Gay and we couldn't care less .. so get over yourself and shut the fuck up about it" ..

What is it with these people ? .. they want to be treated just like everyone else, to "blend" in .. yet constantly raise the subject .. thus drawing attention to themselves ..

Anonymous said...

I've been here before, I fancy a lot of people feel the same, but it was interesting how few piped up to comment....might ruin their chances of a link!

Captain Haddock said...

I don't have a Blog .. why should I when there are so many people doing a far better job than I could ever hope to achieve ? .. So links mean nowt to me ..

I just think that until the Tories finally locate their collective balls & begin acting & talking like Tories should (not likely under Cameron) and whilst they continue to present as "Blue" Labour .. I can't be bothered with 'em ..

So Iain Dale et al .. can say & do as they like .. I'm not even paying attention, let alone listening ..

Anonymous said...

Agree with the Captain

It is the laidback opposition that has allowed much of the LieBour clowns to spin their web of deceit

Even now, with economic disaster staring the country in the face call me Dave can't lay a glove on them

Anonymous said...

Ian Dale
I sussed him out ages ago.
Just another electric parrot
grovelling for a loftier perch
in the tax funded gilded cage.
Likes sniffing round the BEEBS
rest rooms.

Ex Democrat

Anonymous said...

Hear, bloody, hear!

Dale is just a loser: it's written all over him and that's why he never gets selected.

I don't know whether the people who suck up his blog entries are losers, though: they could just be not very demanding. Intellectually, I mean.

Anonymous said...

I also gave up on Dale months ago. He is not my idea of what this Country needs right now.

I also wrote a letter to dear Mr Cameron telling him that he has just sat back and accepted the changes this loathsome Government has made to this Country, he replied that 'the public did not want to see Punch and Judy politics'.

Well, I do. Every law change, every statistic, every comment from this poxy Government I want challenged, I want screaming, spitting shouting and punching.

I do not want what we have got. Nothing.

Uncle Marvo said...

I love pink. I have a couple of pink shirts, one T from M&S and one proper one from a charity shop. I also have some yellow ones.

I am also quite gay, most of the time, and jolly to boot, except when I'm black.

But I'm not homosexual, I don't bat for the opposition, nor am I, using the words of Mr Stephen Fry, a chutney ferret.

So I'd be grateful if people would stop pinching my words. If you want one, make up your own.

And I'm not homophpobic either. In fact, I'm not afraid of anything.

Snarky Basterd said...

I see your professional politicians are no different than our own. With the backlash against both coming from the people like waves of soldiers storming Omaha Beach, 2010 is shaping up to become a year like no other I've seen ... and, if we get this right, I hope we never have to see again.

Anonymous said...

Dale makes the classic mistake like Cameron of not being Tory enough, trying to appeal to the Islington chatterati while dumping just about every Conservative principle.
His biggest mistake though is that his blog has over the last year become really boring and sanctimonious.
His natural party is Lib Dem where shitting on naked rentboys is obligatory.

Captain Haddock said...

Hi Snarky ..

Surely, you mean Obama Beach .. well known & beloved of McFuckwit

The Pink Panther said...

Guido, Iain Dale, Old Holborn, bloggers who started believing their own publicity and set sail up their arse holes a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10.20
Thanks for dropping by Iain and proving the point that visitor numbers are so fucking important to you.

They certainly aren't to me, that's why I never talk about them. Oh, and did I mention that I was fucking heterosexual ;-)

Corrugated Soundbite said...

I last read Dale properly months ago. Only a few times but it came across like several other Tory blogs in that it was bland and just too Westminster.

I can't be arsed with it. Politics is about people. Dale's not got near that seat yet and has already long forgotten that small fact. I read blogs where people just go ahead and say it. Attack dogs, risk takers, cynics and people who don't give a shit about winding up lesbo harmony groups ;-)

Houdini said...

I like Iain Dale and I used to like you. Now I don't.

Diddums! doesn't GOT get as many to his blog as Iain then? Here's one less now. Miserable old twat!

Definitely sounds like somebody obsessed by 'stat porn' so this is probably Mrs Dale or Guido. These are the same people that will suck on any cock they can find for a reciprocal link!


Cate Munro said...

Great post Gotty. All a symptom of the PC fuckery we now all have to endure - the Tories today havent got the backbone they once had - they're too scared of the PC Brigade.

The Revenant said...

Iain Dale - queer bastard, go fuck some arses. Your blog is shit and you are a media whore.

WV - psawf - could not have put it better myself!

Barking Spider said...

It's the fucking same with PMQ's at the minute - why the fuck is Cameron not ripping the balls off Brown every week?'s not like he hasn't got the ammunition if he had the guts to use it!

How fucking high handed as well, to say that the public doesn't want Punch & Judy politics, ffs, the Country is crying out for it - the public are practically screaming for blood!!

He had better buck up his fucking ideas or he may well end up with a hung parliament or worse - TWAT!

Houdini said...

The irony of it is that Cameron and the fucking pussy Tories, whether they like it or not, HAVE punch and judy politics now and are suffering from it. Why do they think they brought Mandelson and Campbell back, amongst others, for their mild and generous manner?

Cameron needs to buck up, and the likes of Dale, but it does go back to the bubble they exist in, and want to be in.

Captain Haddock said...

Got to agree with "Houdini" ..

Their little bubble needs bursting .. with the message .. "Get a grip, or Get left behind" ..

The sooner they ditch that total twat Cameron & find a leader with some balls & a backbone the better ...