Monday, 18 January 2010

Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Well the 'free' one, that got shoved through my letterbox over Christmas, didn't save me much fucking energy when I found out how bastard much the twatting thing cost me.


It seems that I'm not the only one wasting furious energy about low energy light bulbs that are supposed to save energy. It appears that Energy company junk mail schemes have now swamped British homes with over 200 million of the fuckers, just so they can meet their Government 'green' targets.

Thirty-eight-fucking-quid for a 'free' light bulb, that's just-the-twatting-job, if you don't actually want to see anything properly and you don't mind being exposed to mercury if it becomes damaged.

Waste of time, waste of money and a waste of fucking energy.

The sooner everyone realises about climategate, the better.
I'm off to buy a 'proper' bulb, only 69p at the local hardware store.

A proper old fashioned hardware store, mind you.
Not one of those housewife ridden Homebase type fuckers ;-)


digitaltoast said...

I agree with you on the waste of money, but I'm afraid the mercury thing is just another Daily Express hoax.

I mean, look at the first commenter, ColinHenshaw: the Express don't even realise he's taking the piss!

Rule of thumb: If you read it in the Express, it isn't true.

microdave said...

Nice one G.O.T!

"I'm off to buy a 'proper' bulb, only 69p at the local hardware store."

You'll have to be quick - the fucking EU want to ban the sale of them completely, before much longer....

And for anyone who thinks they are O.K. to put in enclosed fittings, or run on dimmers read this:

Captain Haddock said...

If anyone is fortunate enough to find a "forgotten" supply of 100w bayonet-fit bulbs .. FFS please let me know .. I'm willing to travel ..

These poxy energy-saving things are as much use as candy floss door-knockers ..

LSP said...

The 'free energy bulbs' are an outrageous destroy the planet, mercury poison, get rich quick off the mug punters scam. Oh, and they don't even light up the house.

Anonymous said...

Er they do contain mercury - as do all flourescent bulbs, they have to to work.
In industry, much paperwork is generated and inspected to make sure flourescent bulbs are 'correctly' disposed of.
Built in to the price of every piece of electrical equipment is a 'tax' that goes back to manufacturers and vendors. This is so they can recycle your old stuff - but they won't tell you that.
Regardless, these things are shite

For those concerned, RNIB advice here *including* advice on what to do regarding mercury contamination:

Barking Spider said...

I had to replace the one that I tried in my bedside light, (before I knew better), as it was creating skin problems which gradually disappeared when I got rid of the fucker! No more - I'd rather have an oil lamp!!

AntiCitizenOne said...

Probably going to be surpassed by

Anonymous said...

Fluorescents flicker at high frequency and causes migraine headaches for some of us, why some of us prefer incandescents.

Meantime in California, USA, the state plans to follow UN and EUSSR precedent setting guidelines and have incandescents be banned entirely within a few years out.

For some of us who have every single light in the house operating by use of adjustable sliding dimmer switches, we will have to get everything re-wired to conform to the availability of only fluorescents, which will not operate if a dimmer switch is used.

On top of the extra expense and migraine causing health effects of fluorescents, I have read that Phillips electrical company is possibly involved with influencing the UN and EUSSR in pushing for a total all out ban on incandescents as they hold a key patent on technology for creating the fluorescent replacements that will be required, similar to how pharmaceuticals influenced UN and EUSSR and here in the US to enact smoking-bans in order to create a market for their nicotine products - along the same lines of fascist multi-national-corporation/government behind the scenes collusion.

I have a few lamps that do have the fluorescents screwed in but the light is lousy, shadowless, of ugly color temperature and for myself, too long of an exposure to them triggers a migraine headache.

Anonymous said...

Send all your energy saving light bulbs to me, I love em, done arf make yer backside glow tho.

Joe Public said...

Be aware. "Energy-Saving" light bulbs don't save the amount of energy some would like you to believe.

To get the same quantity & quality of light that an incandescent bulb gives, the light actually emitted from them is only about 75% of what is stated on their label.

But then this might be the first time the "Save-the-Planet" greenies have tried to mislead the sceptics.

AntiCitizenOne said...

Joe Public,

Also in winter, normal bulbs give out heat which means they are dual use and lower normal heating bills, so the savings are even less.

Oldrightie said...

A scam. Pure and simple.

RantinRab said...

Polar bear murdering bastards, the lot of you!


Captain Haddock said...

When all the Polar Bears are dead & gone .. can I have all the Glacier Mints .. please ?

Anonymous said...

Don't eat the liver of a polar bear, it'll kill you.
Can kebab the rest though, my local shop does.

microdave said...

2 comments on Joe Public's post:
1) Very little is mentioned about the poor power factor of virtually all these bulbs. The electricity companies will eventually start complaining, as they are actually supplying twice the power stated on the bulb, without this showing on your meter.
2) No one seems to have noticed that most of the light produced by CFL's is sent out sideways, not down. Look at a conventional filament bulb from below and you will see the entire filament. Repeat with most CFL's and you only see a fraction of the total surface area. So they probably DO produce the claimed illumination, unfortunately most of it is wasted on your walls!!

Fidothedog said...

Good man, I stocked up with traditional bulbs an as soon as the free eco wank jobs give up, I shall be a happy man.

Only using them as I am a lazy fucker an can not be arsed to remove them before the bulb dies.

banned said...

38 fucking quid!?! Count yourself lucky G.O.T., I didn't even get mine!
Not that I care since I mega-stocked up a year or so ago, enough to last a lifetime.
The big retailers are in on it too since they stopped selling proper bulbs ages before they had to.

Begging letters will be treated with the contempt they deserve.

Anonymous said...

all coming out now innit?

Nick2 said...

Agree re the 'low energy' lightbulbs - take forever to light up & I never EVER achieved the estimated life.

However, LED bulbs are pretty good - but V pricey here. So buy em via ebay from the Far East.