Sunday, 24 January 2010

Calling All British Firefighters

Any chance you could do this sort of thing over here?

It's fucking brilliant!



Captain Haddock said...

Brilliant .. Nice one Gotty ..

But I doubt the leadership of the FBU would condone their Members attacking their "Overlords" in such unseemly, if highly effective fashion ..

ranger1640 said...

That could not happen here. The Fucking cops would be screaming about the bubbles in their eyes.

Not the mention it stinging the cock and balls in the middle of every cops forehead.

Houdini said...

British firemen would never do this. This Labour Government cut their balls off and Mandelson ritually are fucked every one of them, repeatedly, and their union told them that all was well and they should suck his spunk and swallow it just before raising their union subs and increasing the donations to Labour.