Thursday, 3 June 2010

Thought For The Day

I've never met a Green Party voter that doesn't live in a city*

And another thing, will all you town and city day tripping twats stop dumping your fucking rubbish in our beautiful countryside.

You filthy fuckers!

*Taken from the comments here


The Lincolnshire Poacher said...

These filthy swine drive 8 sodding miles from my local town to dump their McDonalds wrappers in my lane.

And cyclists, you know the ones, all lycra and drop handlebars...dropping their cans of fucking Red Bull and Lucozade too.

I've long advocated capital punishment fro the bastards.

Oldrightie said...

Townies, in the main, live in overcrowded squalor so think we all do. Still, The Marches remain relatively free from the filth, even in the peak summer tourist season. Come on down!!

rinky stingpiece said...

The best solution is to spread rumours of some kind of highly infectious horrible disease infecting the nice parts of the country... like "fly-tipping gives you CJD" or something.

Killer zombie plagues, ebola-spitting faggot-catching robots, pork chops with guns etc...
Whatever works... personally, I favour breeding Wolves and letting them go out for a bit of "hunting".

Hopefully, recent events will help maintain a minority-free life for those who want it.

Green-ism is all about people trying to have their cake and eat it in the city.
The real war is Townies trying to throw their weight about in the clundy... you have to fight fire with fire... use their stuff against them... wolves and wild boar and eagles are native animals... they need wilderness, and if the odd Townie has to get savaged, it's a price worth paying for the planet =P