Sunday, 6 June 2010

BA Crisis? Who Gives A Fuck?

Tony Woodley obviously doesn't.

In the middle of the BA workers' strike, the £122k-a-year Unite union boss has packed his bags, jumped into his £40k Range Rover, driven off from his £350k house and headed for the airport to catch a flight (not BA of course) to a £600-a-week holiday villa in Cyprus.

It's not the first time that the union trougher has jaunted off, missing strike negotiations whilst his 'brothers' survive on £30-a-day.  Last month, Tony 'the Trougher' Woodley missed talks with BA because he was in Cuba celebrating the 51st anniversary of the revolution that swept Fidel Castro to power.

It's fucking hard work representing your fellow 'worker', dontcha think?


Ampers said...

Personally I can't wait until BA goes under.

This is not that I want all the workers to suffer as the majority of them are still working.

It is because the only really bad experiences I have had since BA were formed is with BA. Virgin Atlantic, South African Airways and KLM who I also use a lot have always been very good.

BA needs to fold. Most of the hard working crew will get jobs as other airlines expand to fill the vacuum.

Admittedly the militants amongst them may find life a little harder, but who is going to cry when these people suffer?


Anonymous said...

Fuck'em all.

Ampers said...

The long and the short and the tall?

microdave said...

"The long and the short and the tall?"

Wouldn't that discriminate against "mid size" people?

banned said...

I don't give a fuck about the 'workers'; I was chatting with a pilot (not BA) the other day who said that BAs staff were regarded by others in the industry as pampered layabouts and that in any case BA do not really fly enough flights to be regarded as the 'national carrier' anymore which is another reason not to give a flying (or not~) fuck about the company with which I have not flown since the 'ethnic tail fins' debacle and neither do I give a fuck about their passengers who must be thick as shit to risk their anual holiday or important business meeting to an outfit that can only claim to carry 'most' of those who booked during scheduled strikes, all for a few more poxy air-miles, stupid cunts.

Anonymous said...

I never fly BA except when I have no alternative and would not give a flying fuck if they went down.

Pompous, pampered, stuck up, arrogant, overpaid and incompetent; from the top of the tree to the trolly dollies of the three sexes.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and their Air Miles programme is not worth it, unless you are on fullfare and turn left at the aeroplane door on entering. Even then they treat you like you are just house trained and and only just allowed to enter their parlour.

JohnRS said...

Werkers? Werkers? It was never about the Werkers.

For Tony Woodentop it's only ever been about power. He'll still be getting his £122k (plus perks) when all the trolly dollies are in the dole queue.....and he'll still be ranting futiley about "werkers rights".

Sgt Pepperspray said...

I fuckin hate Tony Woodley he was shite when he was in Spandau Ballet (but not bad in the krays). I hope it pisses down all the time he is in Cyprus, unless there are forest fires and then I hope it's windy.

Captain Haddock said...

I for one don't give a fuck, as I have no plans to fly anywhere, any time soon ... whether with BA or any other Airline ..

What continues to amaze me is the gullibility of the wankers who religiously pay their Union "dues" so that scum like Woodley & others just like him can swan about in such opulence ..

Thick .. or what ???

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Fuck BA, fuck the 'workers' in BA, the sooner it goes down the tube the better. Patronising cunts the lot of them.

As for Woodley and the chipmunk Simpson - can anyone ever recall an honest trade union rep?

Cunts, all of 'em.

Barking Spider said...

I don't give a fuck if BA goes down the fucking pan but, quite frankly, I can't believe that the cabin crew have been so stupid to go along with those two self-serving cunts, Woodley and Simpson - this time Woodley's off on a "fuck you all" holiday and last time he was AWOL he was off in Cuba celebrating 50 years of communist dictatorship.

Don't any of these twats remember the miners' strike and its outcome, thanks to another self-serving commie by the name of Scargill?..... cunt!

Anonymous said...

Cunty bollocks at the hieght of the miners strike changed planes in spain and went to cuba THE CUNT

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