Tuesday, 1 June 2010

+++ Ed Balls Leadership Campaign Poster Launch +++

Having finally reached the 33 nominations that are required for him to get onto the ballot paper, Ed Balls has now officially joined the race to be the new leader of the Labour Party. Wouldn't it be marvelous for us all if Blinky were to make it to the top spot and be at the helm for the next election. 

So... without a moment to waste, here is your first look at the officially approved* Ed Balls Labour Leadership Campaign Poster:

Join in the campaign on Twitter using #balls4leader
where the delightful Sally Bercow has already come out
in support of the "hard hitting and fluent" Ed Balls.....

Update: Diane Abbot still has just the one nomination
and her Campaign Poster can be found here.

*officially approved by Pigsy whilst she was cooking my sausage sandwich this morning



Oldrightie said...

Mrs Bercow knows a great deal about balls, Gotty! By her own admission she's well versed in their versatility.

Get Smart said...

Well it might make a change as their last 'Dear Leader' had none.

Dioclese said...

Thankfully, with a name like "Balls" he's got no fucking chance.

Did you read the comments Alistair Campbell made about the twat in the Saturday Telegraph?

Sgt Pepperspray said...

Balls is well and truly fucked now !! I have just e-mailed Steven Spielberg and notified him that Balls is using ET's finger as an instrument to gain power of the labour party. He will find himself brushing the floor of a fucking film studio and riding back and to from work on an kids bike with a basket on the handlebars muttering "fucking lawsuit" by this time next week.

none said...

Do those poor people's caseworkers know that they've got access to the internet?

Mattyboy said...

Ed Balls!? They just got the wrong part of anatomy for his name. Should be the female equivalent!!! (i.e. C*nt!)