Wednesday, 23 June 2010

England Closes For A World Cup Match

Schools across the country are all set to finish lessons early and businesses everywhere will be shutting down the machines and closing offices, well before the end of the normal working day.

And for what.

A buggery bollocksy football match of bugger all twat significance to anyone except the half soaked, thick as shit, self centered, arrogant, talentless, over paid, gobby, arsewipes who will be running around the pitch like headless chickens in the dark ... who are only worried about losing the squillions of pounds of sponsorship money that'll be wiped off their bank balance, if they don't win.

Not because they are bursting with pride and not because they give a fuck about their country. Have you seen those retards when the National Anthem is playing? They can't even be fucking bothered to stick out their chests and sing for all they are worth.

The economy is fucked, money is tight, jobs are at at premium. Oh, I know, let's shut the country for a football match that we haven't got a hope of winning. What a fucking joke.

I could kind of understand if we'd struggled through to a final or some such shit but we haven't. It's just a fucking 'see-if-we-can-scrape-through' 'cos we're twatting well talentless, kind of game.

Get back to school. Get back to work. Get a fucking life.

Incidentally, if you were in any doubt about how retarded some of the England Football Team really are .... take a look at the following video of that scouse cunt bubble, Jamie Carragher. Apparently he's 'been in a relationship' with Andy Burnham for some while now (what the fuck!) and can't wait for him to be Prime Minister.

Is that before or after you've had his babies, Jamie?

Give me fucking strength .....

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Ampers said...

I am with you 1,000% on that one.

I think the trouble with these guys is, when they first start, they aren't earning, don't have the good life and are eager for it and play well.

Once they are "in the money" and living the good life and drink and take drugs, they lose their edge.

So here's what we should do. As soon as they make the big money and expensive sponsorships, we should sack them and take on a youngster, who will play better because he wants the good life ad nauseum!


Billy Blofeld said...

<span>"Get back to school"</span>

I would have thought you were taking the piss, however, my step son gets the afternoon off school to watch the football.  BBC today showed other schools planning on taking the afternoon off as well.

...... what the fuck?

Captain Haddock said...

As usual Gotty .. nail firmly on head .. I couldn't have put it more succinctly myself ..

Kids are only being sent home early because Teachers fancy an early finish themselves .. Football is just a convenient excuse ..

Besides, I'm wondering .. if parents can be harassed & possibly prosecuted for taking their kids on family holidays during Term-time  .. are Teachers not breaking the law by closing schools early?

What happens to a child  who's parents are unable to collect it, at a time convenient to the school ?

What if that child gets run over or molested whilst it should have been in school ?

Are Teachers not in breach of their "Duty of care" ?

As for the Football itself .. I fervently hope that England lose, get kicked out and are sent home ... simply because we can then return to normality & kick all this faux "patriotism" into the long grass ..

Besides which, as "ambassadors" for their country .. they're frankly an embarrassment ..

Catosays said...

I hate football with a vengeance. Not the game itself but the over-paid, under-brained, thick as shit, arsewipes that 'play' it and their arrogance.

Your name here... said...

<span>A buggery bollocksy football match of bugger all twat significance to anyone except the half soaked, thick as shit, self centered, arrogant, talentless, over paid, gobby, arsewipes who will be running around the pitch like headless chickens in the dark ... who are only worried about losing the squillions of pounds of sponsorship money that'll be wiped off their bank balance, if they don't win.</span>

Straight to the point!!

Your name here... said...

That's how come Brazil are so good.

Gildas said...

Okay, I'm going to watch it. Despite the mediocre overpaid - well, what can one say about the payers that's not been said and done to death. Despite the moronic fans with their ugly witless chant of Inger-land (a place I do not want to live in, and proof they can neither spell nor speak, their lives consumed by Carlsberg and penis envy for the lives of their "heroes". Despite Alan Shearer and Kevin Keegan. I shall watch it and cheer on Slovenia, because this has to end now. It has to stop. We've seen it all before, you see. So many times. The red top hype. The stumbling performances, the whinging fans moaning endlessly about lack of "spirit". The platitudes from the players and the management. The occasional good performance (more hype here), before the final denoument by a sad, pitiful capitulation like an old wino dying in a back alley in the night, or the cruel strangulation of the penalty shootout.
Watching England play in a World Cup is like seeing a beloved pet inexorably dying of cancer. You want it to live, but you know it can't carry on like this. It's too horrible. There may be the odd good day, but really it has to stop. Now. Slovenia can be the vet that eases a nations pain. So come on Slovenia, whoever you are. Just make it quick. No long drawn out 0-0, awaiting the last desperate throw of the dice. make it 3-0 at half time. Then we can all mourn, and move on.
Gildas the Monk               

Tristan Price-Williams said...

As usual hilarious.

I'd like to see football become a sport.

There's a place for big business and its wheeling and dealing and cheating and lying and trampling on people, but it's not in football.

Fpootball should be a sport. Novel idea huh?

Tristan Price-Williams said...

Oh... Jamie....

Oh.... dear oh dear.

What a well thought out set of ideas there.

Don't you just hate when people say "as I said"... when they didn't?

Ballboy Billy said...

Its either watching silly footballers kicking a bladder around the savannha
waiting for fire breathing super bloggers failing miserably to
sort the daft smoking ban out.
Time to log of and grab the remote

Cheers,make mine a can of smooth

Gildas said...

I know that they are morons bred from generations of morons and hoodlums and probably revved up by some fuckwit spin doctor who has told them what to say to placate the citizens of "Inger-land" , and I know that they are children (30 is young believe me) and with all the experience and maturity of frogspawn, BUT Steven Gerrard has pointed out this is a "do or die" game.
No Steven, it's not. Do or die is what a soldier in a minefield or under fire in Iraq or Afghanistan has to face.
It's a game, Steven, with a ball which you have to kick (I can show you, if you like), and some players in different coloured shirts. You can kick them too, but not too much. If you lose, you can go home and shag your spray tan covered girlfriend, and though you may lose some endorsements, you won't lose your legs, or your life. 
Here endeth the rant
Gildas the Monk  

Norman Spack M.D. said...

There should be a fucking health warning on that Jamie Carragher clip.
It's like someone's scratching their fingernails down a blackboard in my brain.
I'm off to bleach my ears.

Harbinger said...

I haven't watched any world cup matches - no interest. I don't watch football anyway so that's why.

Why are they giving the UK time of work to support them - BREAD AND CIRCUSES.

The government, like the one before are doing their utmost best of creating a society of dumb, moronic deadheads, who will continue celebrity and football worship. This way it keeps them from noticing what the "man behind the curtain" is doing (to their overall detriment) as he continues to batter the UK senseless and turn it into a mutlicultural hellhole where eventually all the "diversity" that our politicians welcome will no longer exist as the UK, like Europe and the rest of the west will simply be one big homogeneous blob, one culture, one language, one religion and one hellishly controlled way of life.

What good is watching these bunch of overpaid primadonnas going to do for England? Well apart from some pubs making money from filled pubs (although most won't) and bookies making a killing from "wishful thinkers" Nothing good will come of it especially when children should be at school learning, not coming home to "watch the TV" for f*ck sake!

This is the reality. Some people can overwhelmingly see just why what's happening in society is, thankfully because they were:

1. Not indictrinated by a subversive school system that taught people how to hate their own nation.
2. Smart enough to ignore the sh*te fed to them on a daily basis from the MSM and think critically about life.

Football will continue to be the heroin of the nation. Footballers will get wealthier and wealthier until they decide they're good enough to run for election. And they will.

microdave said...

"Get back to school. Get back to work. "  Yes, but just wait till I've been down to Sainsbury's. Hopefully it will be quieter than normal...

Otherwise I totally agree.

GrumpyOldTwat said...

Good plan Ampers and maybe cut the tendons in the back of their legs while we're at it.

GrumpyOldTwat said...

No joke Billy, just another example of Labour's broken Britain which, I have to add, Cleggeron seems very slow to be rectifying otherwise they wouldn't be letting this kind of bollocks carry on ad infinitum.

GrumpyOldTwat said...

Don't start me on fucking teachers, Cap'n. What a bunck of lazy lefty fuckwits that lot are.

GrumpyOldTwat said...

Correct. Nothing wrong with the game it's just a shame that all those taking part seem to have forgotten that it's a sport.

GrumpyOldTwat said...

No bush beating here OR ;)

GrumpyOldTwat said...

Have you got a blog?
If you haven't you should start one with posts like that.

GrumpyOldTwat said...

Spot on!

GrumpyOldTwat said...

And he's a fucking scouser.
Full house!

GrumpyOldTwat said...

Haven't a fucking clue which 'super blogger' (whatever the fuck they are) you are referring to but drop me a link to your blog, which presumably will be all about repealing the smoking ban. and I'll gladly give it some publicity.

Even though I don't smoke.

GrumpyOldTwat said...

Well fucking said!
Couldn't have put it better myself ;)

GrumpyOldTwat said...

It's no wonder we all think scousers are total fuckwits when there are examples like these .... at ten a fucking penny.

GrumpyOldTwat said...

"<span>Footballers will get wealthier and wealthier until they decide they're good enough to run for election."</span>

Many a true word ....... in the next ten years I reckon.

GrumpyOldTwat said...

Driving around this afternoon, fuck all traffic on the road.


microdave said...

Sainsbury's was fairly quiet, but I STILL managed to get in the queue behind the awkward old bat who had to spend all her money off coupons, and get the points taken off her loyalty card, and, and.......

Why can't people just pay the fucking bill, so the rest of us can get on with our lives???

Captain Haddock said...

Know just what you mean MD ..

Then they want to buy Postage Stamps, Savings Stamps, Christmas Club Stamps ..

But, you gotta feel a bit sorry for some of these old dears .. its the only social outing they get ..

No government help for them .. the politicians are too busy arse-licking the immigrants ...

banned said...

I don't give a shit about the football but  was enjoying an easier than usual journey home since the White Van Men and builders had all fucked off down the pub at lunchtime. Suddenly I found myself in a mental traffic jam and it took a while to understand why. I was in that part of town with the prep schools and Public Schools ( 1 X Boys, 2 X Girls) and the school run was happening post-World Cup at half past fucking five!!!! All the yummy mummies (and some daddies) turning up in the 4X4s  to collect their little darlings an hour and a half later than usual, bunch of cunts.

Gildas said...

Thanks GOT
I few people have asked for contributions - 
I like your style too. 

citizensmith said...

at least after tomorrows donkey run we'll have the satisfaction of seeing the sheeple start to take down their frickin flags and false patriotism...  our flag should fly everywhere every day eternally, not just a few weeks every 4 years... overpaid twats   ;-j