Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Brainwashing Bastards! +++Updated+++

 Bubble, bubble,bubble..........

Many thanks for all the info in the comments about who the fuck might be behind this load of bollocks.
I have done a little more digging myself and discovered that Erica Robb is the mother behind the Schools Low Carbon Day and Cool The World websites which, you will notice, are one and the same. Erica Robb is also mentioned here as founder of the similarly named registered (?) charity. 

On the other hand if you look here, the founder is named as Erica Charles ..... one and the same perhaps? That link also tells us this:
The [Schools Low Carbon Day] website pulls together more than 30 lesson plans and sets of lesson plans from online sources such as Generation Green (supported by British Gas), The Low Carbon Partnership, ACE (The Atmosphere, Climate and Environment Information Programme, supported by DEFRA),The Prince’s Rainforest Project and others.




Ampers said...

Gotty, the schools ban competitions as the poor little darlings might get disillusioned.

If they need to be disillusioned, then what better way of having the pain of reducing their carbon footprint? Then they will grow up and when they realise what a total waste of time all that was, they will learn about disillusionment.

And it might keep the bastards off the streets!

Dark Lochnagar said...


Joe Public said...

Another propaganda organisation granted Charity status.

I wonder if any TaxPayers money ends up in their coffers?

Apt wv: askint (as in A Skint TaxPayer)

rinky stingpiece said...

Clearly they've not heard of Global cooling due to air particulates... or the fact that that there are several hundred million too many chinks, pakis, and moon-worshippers in the world.

The ultimate destination of Greenarchy is the ultimate solution:
voluntary euthanasia...

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

I wonder what people like that think about the talk about using nuke's to stop BP's Oil Leak?

Anonymous said...

Oh just fuck off.

rinky stingpiece said...

Oil has got to be the most ironic energy source there is.

It's choice that the Yanks will now be forced to accept that:
a. their president is a powerless gimp;
b. their domestic oil industry has shat on their own pillow, so they can't get no Murrcan shrimps no mowwah;
c. they now have to maintain a pleasant presence in the moon-worshipping world to keep filling their Hummers with cheap "gas"


There is only one cure for the problem... WWIII... looks like the NorKs are squaring up for a showdown (tin hats at the ready)!

The USA & the South have to get it on with China and the north now, before they get to powerful... visions of Dr Stangelove and the cowboy on the ICBM! yee-haa!!!

Sgt Pepperspray said...

They won't brainwash me. As soon as I heard about cap and trade I traded my carbon footprint for a bag of magic beans. They have started sprouting and soon I will be FeeFiFoFuckingFumming of to Giantland where you can have the giantest carbon footprint imaginable.

Man With A Very Hot Bladder said...

"Schools Low Carbon Day"

For Fucks Sake.

All Seeing Eye said...

Did you see the the faint copyright text in the bottom corner "Mothers Against Climate Change"

Fuck off.

JoePublic - taxpayers cash? Well they aren't on (yet) but the Royal Society which they quote IS - with a whopping £45million of our cash in 2007/8 alone.

Barking Spider said...

And it's not going to get any better while Call Me Dave is at the helm and the "green" agenda is being furthered by Huhne the hoon!

Anonymous said...

Which has a bigger carbon footprint?
Sheep shit or Goat shit ?
Quiz time
In one hour which smokes the most?
A . A London Double Decker
B . 39000 smokers

Gutter Snipe

All Seeing Eye said...

..or C, Megan Fox with me on top of her.

Crumpled Fiveskin said...

forget the greenwash, it's the millions and billions in the fucked up rest of the world we need to worry about. Oil and food prices going up not because of pollution or sunspots, but because there are too many bloody people in the world.

Anonymous said...

Not on Charity Commission web search, who are these fuckers?.

Anonymous said...

MotheRs against climate change isn't a uk registered charity either. The website for these sandalistas now states that it is being organised by a charity ( no mention of which one however) rather than claiming that cooltheworld is a charity. I think they're taking the piss, £ 20 per school equals fucking thousands lining somebody's pockets. I'm going to get the bentley out on 24th June & go for a long drive just for the he'll of it and then have a fucking great bonfire too.

microdave said...

Neither "Mothers Against Climate Change", or "Cool The World" come up in the Charity Commission site. However those with an annual income less than £5,000 don't have to register, although they can still enjoy the tax benefits of charitable status.

Alternatively they can be based outside England & Wales, or be part of a larger organisation. I've searched the Scottish OSCR, and neither name appears. That leaves Northern Ireland which doesn't seem to have an online site.

However I found a reference to them being founded in Reading in one of the download documents, and also receiving help from Greg Clarke MP, Former Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change. His site mentions his work with a Conservative policy paper "The Low Carbon Economy".

Some more research is needed...

Corrugated Soundbite said...

Don't worry Gotty. Based on the principle of "no matter how left you think you are, there's always someone lefter", I give you this.

Anonymous said...

I had a look at that link when Rinky dropped it into one of the comments above. You're not wrong, it's off the fucking scale as regards 'far left'.

A little excessive, I thought ;-)

Have also updated the post with more info on 'Child Brainwashing Day'.

Corrugated Soundbite said...

That's most probably where a friend of mine plucked the link from before sending it on to me then.

Worth noting that if you check on their Facebook group, all their members seem to be very much with us. More's the fucking pity. Lead by example, say I ;-)

Sgt Pepperspray said...

A comment from cooltheworld webshite "children influence our own behaviour - research has shown that families are more likely to recycle if children are taught the benefits in schools."

Translated into non legalese

"Families are more likely to recycle if their children have been brainwashed by bolshy doggooding prick and constanly bore the fuck out of you for putting your stella cans in the food waste receptacle and not licking every scrap of pizza off the box before placing it in the correct colour bin, even more likely to recycle when son/daughter text the bin stasi and grass you up"
And if John Craven is at my kids school I am going to do the sheepbothering fucker, if julia bradbury is there am gonna kick her back doors in.

rinky stingpiece said...

(just listening to the spitting vitriolic cod psychology by Mark Easton on radio 4 - he's an angry man, sounds to me like he's diagnosing himself with his small penis and mediocre career).

...actually I'm quite an environmentalist - I'm just not a lefty.

Having a technical background means that you have slightly more realistic "nuts and bolts" perspective on global armageddon (i.e. I'd be manufacturing tin hats and selling them to the loony left)

The issue is all a smokescreen for good old Malthusianism.

It's not so much that there are too many people in the world; it's just that the sheer quantity of people - mainly in the developing world, means that there is greater aggregate number of idiots in the world who do things like dump chemical waste into the rivers that the crops are grown in that supply the people who make the said idiots' food.

...and it's not so much that there's too much carbon or whatever in the world, so much as really nice pretty countryside that you might like to spend some time in to get away from the public sector workers and immigrants gets dumped, dug up, or otherwise ruined with the shit generated by the city dwellers.

I don't mind recycling, not out of ecoreligion, but because I don't want to hand over resources of cash (for imports) to corrupt, filthy, fascist shitholes like China; when it could go back into our own economy.

I want people to live in their own shit, not out of any sense of moral outrage that mother earth is being raped, but simply because it's their shit, not mine; and they should have to deal with it, not me.

I fuckin' hate townies driving into the clundy and dumping shit in it - keep your shit the shitty city, and fuck off ruining my walk and my view or I'll fucking... well... use your imagination.

So, you can be "green" without being a lefty.
I'd call them "light green", and me "evergreen", because I've never met a green party voter who doesn't live in the city.

Captain Swing said...

These idiots still seem to think that Ed Balls is in charge of government indoctrination centres.I am making my pledge to drive around all day in the biggest vehicle I can get hold of for no particular reason.
If my kids come home with any of this bollocks I will be burning it using copious qunatities of hydrocarbons.

Anonymous said...

15 River Gardens
Reading, Berks RG8 8BX


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Ian Charles and his wife Erica run this business

The bastard hypocrites even sell patio heaters!!!!!

Anonymous said...

And Erica Robb is the owner:

rinky stingpiece said...

That's the way socialism works... haven't you read Animal Farm?!

If it were up to me I'd make "The Little Red Hen" compulsory reading for all socialists...