Thursday, 24 June 2010

Schools Low Carbon Day +++Updated+++

Just a reminder that it's Schools Low Carbon Day today brought to you by those nice kiddy brainwashers via a 'fake charity' called, Cool The World. When I say 'fake' I mean that we have been unable to find any evidence that the 'charity' is official, despite searching for them here and also banging in a few FOI's to the relevant local authorities. In fact they even seem to be absent from the list of fake charities. What the fuck!

However, we did managed to find that the woman behind all this is an owner of an online garden centre. Check out the advert in the top left sidebar of the website. Yes! That's the one, right next to the piccy of a great big, fuck off sized, outdoor patio heater .... one of several models that they appear to be selling. What the fuck! Hypocrisy? No, surely not.

So ..... if your kids are unlucky enough, to be amongst the 600,000 attending one of the 1600 schools that have signed up to this shit, then they can expect Act On Co2 action-a-plenty today as their little brains are gently washed in a solution of guilt and green taxes.

Just a thought but it might be worth re-considering which school you give you all those 'schools vouchers' to (that you collected at the local supermarket) before you actually hand them over ;-)

And another thing ..... after yesterday's lack of lessons, this also means that there'll be yet another day, where the children of this country will be attending school, without any danger of actually being properly educated.

Just look at my young cousin's school timetable for this week:

Teacher Training (stay at home)
Diversity and Sharia Law in the morning and how the budget affects you, in the afternoon. With particular emphasis on cigarette, alcohol and green taxes.
Talk about the England match all morning, watch it all afternoon
Low Carbon Day: Make windmills out of papier mache and harness fart gas in old jam jars, for use as a renewable energy source. Tree hugging in the afternoon, if it's a nice day.
History: WWII, the Germans and how a game of football, in WWI no man's land, relates to a match being played in the World Cup on Sunday.

What the fuck!

At this rate it's going to take another 13 years to eradicate the Broken Britain legacy of 13 years of New Labour breaking Britain and, more importantly, finally get the education of this country's future back on track.



It appears that the main subjects of this post are avid readers of this blog.

It could be a coincidence, I suppose, but the intro on the Cool The World "fake charity" website has now been altered to read "Voluntary organisation with charitable status" :

Hmmm, that's strange, I could have sworn that Cool The World originally stated they were a "registered charity". Oh yes ...... good old Google cache appears to confirm that a recent adjustment has been made. Here's how it looked originally:

A subsequent call to the HMRC charity helpline, unsurprisingly, yielded little information although she did say that they didn't have any records of them, but there may be an application in the system.

Yeah, Right!

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Captain Haddock said...

For what is probably the very first time .. I regret that my kids are grown-ups & that, as yet .. I have no grandchildren ..

Were my kids still of school age, I would be ready, willing & able to tackle these abuses of the education system through the Courts ..

I doubt that I would ultimately win .. but by Christ .. I'd create some real nausea on my way to losing ..

Tristan Price-Williams said...

No wonder no one under 80 can speell, punctuate:;[0,, or add 2 + 6 and get 145. No one in the UK can say more than "twoo beeros senioro and makeo it snappyo" in any foreign language.

As for climate change, well I don't give a shit. I'll be dead by the time it bites, so I'm going to go on enjoying myself and sod the future (unless they start paying me to conserve and recycle).

Mind you, the curriculum does sound more fun than when I was at school:

Double Physics, Double Latin

Maths, Literature, French, History

is a less fun monday than they have.

microdave said...

They must be following this blog - I just went to their "About Us " page:
and it now says "a voluntary organisation with charitable status". I knew that wasn't how it used to be described, so with the aid of Google I found the old version:

The registrant of Cool The World website, Ian Charles runs several other comapnies along with his wife Gillian. One of them, Meika Ltd, also supplies and services gas appliances!  So plenty of carbon potential there!

Don't do as I do, do as I say.....

GrumpyOldTwat said...

You and me both Cap'n and we're trying to do our bit here although sometimes I wonder why I even fucking bother.

GrumpyOldTwat said...

Not how I remember it either Trist.
That's why this country is fucked. Lazy lefty teachers and X Factor generation kids.

Thanks for nothing Gordon.

GrumpyOldTwat said...

Well spotted MD and I've updated the post to include it.

Shifty fuckers!

Anonymous said...

Probably just a Google Alert but nevertheless the lies these people peddle in the name of their cause never end.

banned said...

Bloody good work Grumpy (and MD); can't say tht I saw much evidence of it today but earlier in the week there were extraordinary instances  of infants being crocadiled around different parts of the city at different times but with no obvious common purpose (geddit!) or destination, dunno WTF that was all about.

Captain Haddock said...

Was it perhaps one of these "Hate the Motorist" things ?

Last week in my town, there was a "crocodile" of over 300 children, all under the age of 11 .. accompanied by teachers, some parents & a couple of scruffy PCSO's strung out along a main road ... all were holding/carrying hand-drawn or written messages berating motorists for everything from Carbon emissions to excess speed ..

Apparently, it was all in the name of "Road Safety" .. more like brain-washing I felt ..

Again, this on a day when the "cherubs" should have been in school learning something of use to them .. as opposed to being used as unwitting pawns in someone else's sinister political games ..

GrumpyOldTwat said...

Cheers Banned.

No doubt that's yet another example of teachers doing everthing possible to avoid actually educating children in a worthwile manner.

Probably counting cracks in the pavement or some such shit.

GrumpyOldTwat said...

Now you mention it, I saw something similar around my way last month. Get the fuck back into the classroom you righteous little fuckers.


Billy Blofeld said...

Now that is funny..... good work Grumpy............

Captain Haddock said...

Like they say Gotty ..

"Those who can, do .... Those who can't, teach" ...

Joe Public said...

"One of them, Meika Ltd, also .... services gas appliances."

I hope not.

No company named "Meika Ltd" is registered with GasSafe, so someone's breaking some serious laws.

GrumpyOldTwat said...

Look out for Gordon at a school near you, soon.

GrumpyOldTwat said...

Hmmm, it gets worse by the minute.
Nice work JP, thanks ;)

Heads on poles said...

When I was at school, I was taught mainly by lefty, CND badge wearing, lazy socialist shitbags.
Modern progressive education is a pseudonym for lazy teaching taught by those that reinforce the Labour myth that technology can replace good teaching.
Interactive whiteboards?
Go and fuck yourself.
It costs a load of money and adds sod all, it is all about the teaching but bollocks like this low carbon day just makes it worse and it is a crying shame.
Children whether you like it or not are our future and this shit is just holding them back from clear thought.

I can only hope that the new Govt. will turn education on its head and bring back education within the system.

Heads on poles said...

I didn't manage to say cunt so I thought I'd add this.
Thank you.

microdave said...

Joe Public - just Google "Meika ltd" and look at some of the links. Primrose London is the trading name of Meika, but several of those links refer to gas appliance sales and servicing.

Bunni said...

Great post, Got, you sure have that fake charity on the run.
It's a shame the drivel they teach at schools.  OUt here they teach
gang banging 101 (the illegal gang type) and how to collect welfare checks, along with ebonics, and trash talking.
I'm glad I don't have kids!. Happy Friday.

Joe Public said...

As posted last night. GasSafe have no registration for "Meika Ltd"; so no-one working as Meika is legally able to install or service Nat Gas or LPG appliances.

But Google-Search is interesting..........

Meika Ltd have one address at 2 Michael Road, Fulham, London SW6 2AD.

GasSafe have registrations for 3 x different installers at 2 Michael Road, all with slightly different House/Building names.

microdave said...

I've found a 4th company at 2 Michael Rd, which shares a M.D. with one of the 3 you found. This one is in the renewable energy business and claims to have a team of qualified engineers, although they are only NICEIC registered. So they must make use of the other firms engineers for gas work.

I can't find any direct connection with "Our" lot, but a fascinating corner of London, all the same...