Saturday, 30 January 2010

New Labour Cut Price Poster Campaign?

I know that money is all but non-existent, in the New Labour Election Campaign coffers, but resorting to schoolkids knocking up posters on their home computers? That's scraping the preverbial barrel a bit isn't it?

Oh but hang on a minute, that's no wet behind the ears kiddywink (is it?) it's Labour's PPC for Woking, Tom Miller.

You know the one.
He blew my cover with his excellent (?) profiling technique ;-)



Cate Munro said...

What a dick! lol

Captain Haddock said...

He looks like a right "Jodrell Banker" ..

Lauren Simcock said...

Has he actually finished shitting green yet?

Anonymous said...


Anon 00.32 said...

Meanwhile Alistair Darling-Dildo is busy planning ... errrmmm .. cuts.

Stop Tory Cuts
Vote for Labout Cunts


Houdini said...

What get's me, genuinely, is how cunts like this who can't remember the late seventies and early eighties when we had been fucked over by Labour last time, seem to have all the answers about the Tories during their time.

Give the big boy in the playground a bag of crisps to kick fuck out the little cunt in the toilets GOT.

Anon 00.32 said...


^^^ Vote for Labour Cuts

Or maybe Layabout Cunts?

Anonymous said...

A couple of chinese burns wouldn't go amiss either Houdini ;-)

They're cunts alright ;-)

Captain Haddock said...

I reckon he's made that poster in his bedroom .. between furious bouts of "hand-relief" ...

Probably for a 6th Form project ...

Anonymous said...

Chinese burns!
Give the fucker a massive wedgie then flush his head down the bog.

Socialist Worker Spotter said...

What the fuck? I'm sure that I've seen this horrible little cunt at Socialist workers party marches in the not to distant past. New Labour is he? That figures, as there's not so much as a cigarette paper between the twodespicable ideologies these days.

Lawson said...

Fuck me, I'm gonna have to book this guy!

"Tom Miller is a law graduate who works in PR, marketing and new media."

He's really got the hang of this PR shit and Nu Meedja stuff!

Felt tips are the future. (Once Tom gets the Tories out of course.)

Anonymous said...

Fucking hilarious Lawson, where did we both go wrong then eh? Wrong kind of crayons? No fucking wonder our posters aren't up to New Labour standard ;-)


Ollie Cromwell said...

Wow that guy has talent. I wish I could do posters like that.

Houdini said...

I suppose we shouldn't laugh, this kind of fucker is the creme de la creme of the Labour movement now, and the Tories still can't get past languishing and bumping along in the polls ten points, give or take two, behind the fuckers.

Anonymous said...

I bet if you asked him about the lib-lab pact of the seventies, power cuts, dead bodies piling up, litter in the streets, rampant inflation and a buggered economy, he'd blame the Tories then google it.
You stand for this shite mate, the only reason there will be Tory cuts is because your mob have run out of our money so they bought a John Bull printing set and made some more and now they've run out of that.
We're fucking doomed.
If the Tories can't overturn 6th form political kiddies like this then they can fuck off as well.

Anonymous said...

Houdini & Anon 10:45
You are of course absolutely fucking right. Call me Dave is looking less and less likely to be a credible alternative. Not that we ever really thought that he would cut it but due to the joys of 2 party politics I think we can safely say that we are all totally and utterly fucked.

And our kids.
And our grand-kids.

Houdini said...

Cameron this week announced that he thinks everybody should be a fucking bender because it is good and normal, and little kiddies should be taught it is normal and good in schools.

Then the polls dropped like a stone for the Tories.

I wonder why?

Cunt should keep his fucking mouth shut of he can't think of something to say that the vast majority of people in this fucking country agree with.

Anonymous said...

Immigration controls
Removing every single PC rule and law
Leaving the EU/Common Market/EEC

That should see a resounding win at the election but we will end up with the snot gobbler back in - why? Because DC is frit.

FFS, grow a pair man, stand up and say what you believe in, not what is thought to be the middle ground, leave that for the poxy Liberals.

Anonymous said...

You can't even get a fag paper between the two sets of policy. I've just read somebody say (sorry can't remember where) that if you stand in the middle of the road, you'll get run over. Too fucking right!

I see that TheEye has posted on Drippy Dave's announcement for his intentions on householders rights. On the face of it there is miniscule signs he may be starting to grow a backbone. Will he actually follow it through though?

Anonymous said...

It's a start G.O.T. but he has got to go much, much further, kicking the living shit out of everything vaguely Socialist - and saying so very loudly - that the mong can't or daren't follow.
Until then, we're buggered.

Christ al-bloody-mighty, some bastard has got to kill of the fucking stagnation that Socialism imposes, it's strangling the Country and me.
And I'm pissed off now just thinking about it - time for a beer and if I have more than 4.2 units today - THAT'S MY FUCKING PROBLEM.