Saturday, 13 November 2010

Vince Cable Dictates Leader Of Libertarian Party UK

Well, maybe that title is a tad unfair ... but what Vince Cable, predictor of 23 of the last 11 economic recessions, does appear to be doing is dictating who CAN'T be the next leader of the Libertarian Party (LPUK). Namely .... Andrew P. Withers.

Now, before I go any further, and just in case you are new here, I'll repeat the fact that I have never had any affiliations to any political party. Ever. I am my own man. Therefore, I don't really give a flying fuck who is going to be the next leader of LPUK. It's no skin off my nose and it's none of my damn business either to be honest.

However, what I do give a flying fuck about is the basic principle that's involved here. The fact that some jumped up Limp Dumb Coagulant of a fascist fuckwit, namely St Vince of the Cable sweater, is dictating to ANY British political party, whether a minority one or not, who they can or can't have as their chosen party leader.

Here's a quote from an emailed letter received from Vince Cable’s Solicitors, Osborne Clarke, dated 12th November 2010 to the Bristol District Registry:

‘Our Client does not consider that Mr Withers has currently demonstrated sufficient need for leave in respect of the (Libertarian Party)’

What the fucking fuck is that all about. Who the fuck does Vince Cable think he is? I was under the impression that we still live in a democracy here, despite the apparent efforts of our government and the EU to ultimately deny us all of of this.

I dunno ... maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree here but IPJ has all the latest developments over at his place .... see what you think. Meanwhile, I remain totally fucking stunned by the long term ramifications, of this kind of fascist intervention, into the democratic election of any leader of a British political party.

Fuck me!
I thought New Labour lost the last general election.
They did .... didn't they?



Captain Haddock said...

"TCC" (That Cunt Cable) is a jumped-up little cum spurt .. and a former Member of the Labour Party to boot ..

Nothing he ever says about anything deserves to be taken seriously ..

NFN said...

You cannot imagine how much I hate it when I have to agree with you.

It will R U I N my evening....well that (ie admitting you're right about something) and the fact that  The Bestes Frau In The Whole Wide World will want to have eXcretia Factor  on.

Barking Spider said...

Like yourself, Gotty, I have no affiliation to any political party but I do hope this jumped-up, stupid, commie cunt is told exactly where he can fucking shove it! >:o

Captain Haddock said...

You obviously harbour delusions of adequacy if you believe that I give a toss whether you agree with me or not ..

Yaaaaawwwwwnnnn ....

Dazed-and-Confused said...

Which one?

Gildas said...

I have no affiliations. I am open minded and often realise that I know nothing. Like Creuztfeld Jacob disease, this something which affects those in later life. After all, when I was 18 I knew everything...!
Well, looks like I might be dusting off the metaphorical Bat Cape again...
B'Jusus all I wanted was another bottle of Merlot a fag and a subscription to the fight...!  *DONT_KNOW* :'(    

Anonymous said...

Calm down Twat.  I've just come off the phone to the monkeys in India about my broadband problem and I'm calm.

What does 'leave' mean?

Anyone serious about cleaving a path for himself does not ask for leave.  He tells those who would tell him otherwise to fuck off, as I did in my last placement.  Those who would strike a blow for liberty do not ask for permission to do so.  Perhaps Andrew Withers is not the man for the job?

William Gruff said...

Sort this site out.  The previous post was mine.

William Gruff said...

Sort this nonsense out.  Far too bloody complicated.

GrumpyOldTwat said...

I haven't got a fucking clue what the fuck you're on about ;)

William Gruff said...

So proving my point?

Andrew P Withers said...

I have told them where they can shove it, they are going to have to get an injuction first

Dick Puddlecote said...

It's quite incredible, isn't it? I mean, what the fuck has he got to be afraid of? It's only an ickle party so why the need for such a letter?

Could it be that LPUK have already nicked a Lib Dem councillor and the party are struggling to convince anyone that they deserve to carry a torch with 'liberal' written on it?

They're screwed as a party for forgetting their classical liberal roots. LPUK are probably the nearest to it so the dumbs could be viewed as a trifle jealous, but to issue solicitor letters shows how desperate they are. Their left have evaporated, whilst their true liberals (who they don't actually like) are either deserting like Charlotte Gore, or thinking better.

Bye bye Lib Dems, it was nice knowing a schizo party while it lasted.

And Vince, best of luck with that dick-waving exercise. It won't work, though.

Barking Spider said...

The whole fucking lot of 'em, Dazed, now that you mention it!  ;)

The time is fast approaching when we'll have to start shooting the fuckers! >:o >:o :-P :-P

Barking Spider said...

Hardly!  *DONT_KNOW*