Monday, 1 November 2010

Look Who's Back And Look Who Else Is Back At Work Too

After nearly 200 days of the current Parliament the snot munching, pant pissing, mono eyed, unelected prime mentalist is finally going to stand up and speak in the House of Commons today. Yes, Gordon 'I saved the world fucked the UK' Brown is finally turning up to do what he is paid for.

He will be trying to defend the jobs of those working at his local shipyard, on those two aircraft carriers that we've heard so much about. The BBC, of course, are wanking themselves silly over how the deluded twat is going to do everything in his power to stop the 50-year maintenance contracts on HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales going to France.

However, they don't seem to mention anything about the £38 billion black hole that the duplicitous dickwipe left in the defence budget. Strange that. He wasn't so keen on 'British jobs for British workers' at that time, was he. The cunt.

And, if that wasn't enough great news to warm the cockles of your heart on a dreary Monday morning, another New Labour fuckwit has crawled back out from under her stone too. Yes, Jacqui Smith has finally got herself a job. Well, two actually.

One as a 'consultant' with KPMG, which won a highly lucrative contract while she was still Home Secretary, and the other is an advisory role with Sarina Russo Job Access, (fucking ironic or what?) a company run by a close friend of Tony and Cherie Blair.

Well, well, what a fucking surprise!
Jobs for New Labour mates or fucking what.

I bet Richard Timney is rubbing his hands together, so to speak, just thinking about all those new porno films that the 'Rancid Rasher from Redditch' will now be able to buy him again ... on the expense account.

New Labour.
Lying, cheating, troughing, duplicitous fucking bastards ... one and all.



stopcp said...

Her reward for treachery.


Alarm bells should now be ringing.

KPMG is part of the "shadow government". Along with the Common Purpose arse wipes.

Granville said...

I wonder if any of the shower of new intakes will be brave enough to put a few interesting and pertinent questions to him so that he can reel out a string of totally irrelevant statistics just for old times sake.

All Seeing Eye said...

Considering it's only his third appearance in the Chamber since the election, the new intakes could be forgiven for asking him who the fuck he actually is.

bofl said...

i wouldn't trust either of they with play doh!!!!!

how can jacqui get 2 jobs? she is as thick as shit.

wonder if she will be asked to pay back the £116,000 from her 'wages'?

come on dave..........oh no,i forgot cmd swindled his expenses too.....
a shower of shit.

Woman on a Raft said...

Remembering how beautifully Raw Meat sabotaged Gordon's G7 gig, and how the other delegates must have sniggered at him,  the recruitment job is probably payment for services accidentally rendered.

Span Ows said...

<span>I think you're holding back too much in that last sentence. </span> ;)

Billy Blofeld said...

Brown might have been booted out - but he hasn't been given the utter kicking in the media (and in also in the face) that he so richly deserves.

Captain Haddock said...

That any organisation should even consider offering employment to one of such lacking integrity as Smith, says more about that organisation than any PR "blurb" ever could ..

I don't know about KPMG .. the Rancid Rasher deserves to be dealt with by means of a GPMG ..

Heads on poles said...

So the only time that the one eyed, pant pissing mongtard appears for a day at work - he's asking for something.
Fucking cheek.
As for the rancid rasher - I expected nothing less.

fucknose said...

His children are probably figuring out how soon they can assume false identities to escape the shame.

BRICKBAT said...

gotty you old cunt when you can do a photo chop of the mongoloid hogshead in parliament to lilly the pink that´ll make my day m8 =-X

Gildas said...

Nasty lying bully. Selfish. Not as clever as he think. Miserable patronising calvinist twat. Self Aggrandising. Greedy. Hypocrite. >:o

Sorry. had a bad day