Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Someone Is Taking The Piss, Right?

Oh, do fuck off!
I'm just not in the mood for this kind of shit today ... or any other fucking day!



banned said...

I'd better fuck off pronto :-P  since I think it's a great scheme, these cunts  would squeeze £1,500 in benefits :-$  within ten weeks of leaving gaol but not leaving Britain meanwhile engaging in criminal orgies of rape and pillage.
Add an in-skin-chip that reads "this cunt is not allowed back in", sorted.

Andrew Ampers Taylor said...

My idea is best.

When you arrest them, give them bail, and tell them they have five days in which to hand in their passports.

When they abscond abroad, hold the case - it'll be quick if they are not here to defend themselves - and whatever their sentence, add ten years for absconding and if they return they can be sent directly to prison without a hearing. They can be told by a sympathising PC at the time, "you poor bastard, you have drawn Judge Xxxx, he always gives out the maximum sentence". In other words put the fear of God into them.

This will mean

* Less court fees
* No prison costs
* No benefits ever

I don't mind them getting away with their crime if it means they will fuck off, never to return, and save us umpteen thousands of pounds in the meanwhile.

Also, all Muslim prisoners should be scientifically brainwashed to hate Allar and love the Christian Church. Let's face it, it shouldn't be too difficult if the Mullars can brainwash them to bomb themselves after only a few days!

stopcp said...

You mean people who don't commit crimes have to pay money to people who do?

My bladder is super-heated.

microdave said...

<span>"You mean people who don't commit crimes have to pay money to people who do?"  </span>

Well it works for MP's......

Captain Peacock said...

£1500 to go back to Somalia after they have done their killing raping and thieving in the UK?
Thanks but no thanks back to what.
Here after coming out straight on benefits, free housing, free medical care, free legal aid, free schooling.
After 10 mins will be granted British citizenship then they can bring their extended family to the UK, 2 wives and 20 kids that's worth about £35k a year.

What! said...

What's to stop them coming back again and again?
Answer. Absolutely fuck all. Many flights are barely monitored and sometimes not at all. If you wish to reward scum for committing crime then do it with your money, not mine.
Immigration must start to meet certain aircraft at the stand and no-one gets off without first being checked. Any without passports are stopped in their tracks and the airline fined £50,000. Enough is enough.

Chris W said...

A chip! What a waste of electronics. Just tattoo it on their foreheads

Bring On The Revolution said...

Instead of dishing out £1,500 to each Muzzie immigrant criminal cunt in British Jails as a bribe to fuck off home, would it not be far easier just to splash out a few grand on a few thousand rounds of ammunition and shoot the cunts?? Job done, problem solved!!!

Woman on a Raft said...

I'd possibly be able to entertain the idea of giving them a half-sentence remission if that were accompanied by their immediate ejection from the country.

Not pretty but effective as it is pretty much what we used to do in the days of deportation.  The difficulty is in stopping them coming back in. 

It is one of the cases where DNA matching might be permissible.

Captain Haddock said...

"The difficulty is in stopping them coming back in" ...   

No great problem ... just employ a few hundred like me ...

If I don't like your face, or you fail my special "attitude" test .. you immediately get fucked-off back to where you came from (at own expense) .. simple ...   :-D :-D

James Brian Peterson said...

You Brits need to get your guns back. Here in Louisiana there is no law against openly wearing a holstered pistol,and outside of New Orleans (where almost all of the violent crime occurs) many people do.''Public'' as well as private criminals much prefer unarmed and thus defenseless potential victims.