Tuesday, 30 November 2010

BBC : Hate Crime Figures

Just spotted a report on the BBC webshite about the recently published 2009 Hate Crime Figures. Call me a grumpy old twat if you like but the unattributed BBC report has gone into bias overdrive using the phrase "An Acpo spokesman said 703 crimes were anti-Semitic but the religions of the other victims were not known".

No mention of indigenous, white, christian, heterosexuals being targeted of course but even though this is the very first time that Hate Crime Figures have been published, the bias BBC still manage to squeeze this little beauty in to the report ... "Although data was not collated nationally before 2009, Acpo says it believes there has been a rise in all five types of hate crime."

'Believes'! Fucking 'believes'!
Who fucking 'believes' there's been a rise which you can't fucking prove?

BBC report unattributed and quotes from 'a spokesman'.
Oh yes, the Bias Brainwashing Channel at it's very finest dontcha think.


Climate Denier said...

Never mind how cold its been lately (or how bad last winter was) they are still banging the same old biased 'Climate Change' drum over at Pravda. Apparently now they are trying a new shock tactic - its going to 4 degrees warmer !!! The cunts must really think we are stupid.

Four degrees of hurt

And these twats are getting in on the guilt-trip action as well...

Climate change failure is moral outrage: Faith leaders


Captain Haddock said...

I wonder ..

Do the BBC keep figures on just how much the Namby-pamby, Lefty-leaning, Multi-culti, Shit-programme-producing, People-robbing arsewipes of the BBC itself are hated .. and by how many of us ? ..

Nah .. didn't think so ... Cunch of Bunts ...

banned said...

Of course there has been an increase in Hate Crimes, the Police do have targets to achieve you know and every charge sheet  that might be enhanced by sticking "hate motivated"  on it gets the treatment and the Officer/force gets the bonuses.
They even do it to children abusing each other in the playground, turning a bit of harmless name-calling into fucking hate crime.

The reason that they don't break down the figures for either victim or perpetrator by race is that they want us to assume that, since whitey is in the majority, he must be doing most of the Hating when he is just as likely to be the victim and in any case a lot of it is black on black where both victim and perp are from racial minorities.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the BBC.

NFN said...

<span>"They even do it to children abusing each other in the playground, turning a bit of harmless name-calling into fucking hate crime."</span>

Not just that. If a child 'assaults' another child physically or verbally and is found guilty of that offence then they can end up on the 'Sex Offenders' register (which isn't just a register of Sex Offenders but ANY assault on a minor).  So if little Johnny calls someone a 'paki' he may find himself unemployable for life, lumped together with all the Kiddy Fiddlers. I'm not joking, it's happened.

nomine said...

The glorious Beeb, politically correct about absofeckinlutely nowt they need to be disbanded ASAP, lets all stop payin our...oh yes already done that, is there no way to be rid of them???

Ranter said...

Stephen Otter when Chief Super at Kensington failed to deal with Ali DIzaei his number 2, in the too difficult tray.  When The Macpherson report was published he addressed all officers at the various shift parades, at one (if not all) he wept as he told his officers they were part of the institutional racism that Macpherson had 'discovered' and also virtually accused them all of being 'racist' or at least having been exposed to racism as he himself had been BY HIS PARENTS!  What a cunt!  Also a devout Christian (and all that implies) he still went over the side - fucking hypocrytical tosser.

Dazed-and-Confused said...

I actually believe that hate crimes against Jewish communities in Britain, will certainly be on the rise at this current juncture..

Via the Islamic community...

Perhaps the BBC have shot themselves in the foot, in reporting this mystical "Spokesperson", in regards to their most sainted of peoples.

AnthonyS said...



How about a go and fuck yourself sideways calculator, dear BBC.

Tell you what, GOT, it's amazing what happens when you miss one letter from a URL 8-) . Know any hot Russians that are up for it?:

Bring On The Revolution said...

The sooner the Muzzie-luvvie, leftie Gaurdianista Pravda BBfuckingC is got fucking rid of the fucking better!! Cunts the fucking lot of 'em

banned said...

good word that, cunt.