Sunday, 7 November 2010

Quote Of The Day

"People may think I don't care much for the "suffering" of the Right Honourable Stephen Timms. And that's because I don't. He's a doublethinker; stupid, corrupt, thick, greedy, a thief, doing the bidding of cultural Marxists who want an infighting, fractured society, and globalists who want a bloated pool of "potential labour" as a means to drive down salaries and increase profits ..."
on the Roshonara Choudhry attack on Stephen Timms MP

Apparently, some people are finding the blogger's reasoning quite shocking
... personally, I don't.

Read his full, detailed and excellent explanation HERE
... it makes a lot of sense to me.


Captain Haddock said...

CS is absolutely correct when he says "There is no Right or Left any more" .. they are indeed all the same, determined to cling to power no matter what ..

Determined to milk the "system" for every last penny they can get ..

Completely ignoring those who's taxes fund their lavish life styles, whilst treating those very same people with utter contempt ..

I have no feelings regarding Choudry, one way or the other .. and as CS (again rightly said) she chose the right target .. an MP, any MP would have done ..

She only got a life sentence because of this .. had she stabbed anyone else, she might, just might have got a slap on the wrist & a couple of quid from the "poor box" .. whilst the victim would, in all probability have been charged with "littering" by dint of permitting blood to leak everywhere ..

But, as she stabbed an MP .. an example had to be made ...

I doubt that Timms will be the last MP to suffer personal, up-close attack .. He, along with all the other scum who inhabit our Parliament need to be ever-vigilant ..  

Your name here... said...

Captain Haddock and CS get my vote and an invitation to join a tea party!

Captain Haddock said...

Thanks OR .. two sugars in mine please ... ;)