Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Mid-Term USA Election Results Live Blog

A night of high drama and humiliation is expected for the half black Kenyan fuckwit and his dickwipe Democrats ..... and we're going to bring it to you live here on GrumpyOldTwat.

The BBC has systematically ignored the failure of Hoax'n'Change, glossed over the rise of the Tea Party and dismissed the rise of small-government anti-Obama voices as 'kooks' and 'racists'. Tonight will see the BBC's runaway love-in coverage hit the buffers of the US electorate, and we're going to live-blog the humiliation as it unfolds.

We'll be starting at midnight (UK time), and joining in with the readers of Biased-BBC, A Tangled Web, AllSeeingEye and Barking Spider.

Crack open a bottle, or two, of your favourite tipple and join in the fun!

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Andrew Ampers Taylor said...

Stayed up to about 2:30am. I am particularly interested because I would love to see the political demise of Obama. This is a man who has openly declared he hates the English for the things he says they did to Kenya.

First of all, it is bad for this country to have a US president who openly despises us. Secondly, if it wasn't for colonialism, he would never have progressed so far as to become the President of the United States.