Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Labour Leadership Non Contest

So, according to a recent article, Tony Blair has been grooming David Miliband to be his successor since Dubya made it clear, in 2006, that they [the USA] would have 'big problems' working with Gordon Brown. (well who fucking wouldn't). In an interview at the time, Saint Tony of Bliar even described Fyffes Dave as “my Wayne Rooney”.

How sweet.

Well, as we all know now, Miliband Major failed to grow a fucking pair and hid in a cupboard under the stairs whilst the one eyed, pill popping, gonad gobbler became an unopposed and unelected Prime Mentalist. So, 3 years or so later, after we have all been metaphorically reamed in the arse (without lube) and McSnotty is busy doing sweet fuck all and getting paid handsomely for doing it, Two Faced Tony from Bliarshire is finally about to bring on his star substitute. Wayne Millitwat.

We all know that 'Bananaman the Spinless' is going to 'win' the Labour Leadership Election don't we, it's been a foregone fucking conclusion since the day Gordon grabbed a couple of young boys and fucked off back to Scotland. I mean 'Election', that's a fucking joke for a start, the whole thing is a total sham. Going through the motions, just for the pathetic and totally unconvincing sake of appearances.

So that's it then, Billionaire Blair will, in essence, once again be at the helm of the Labour Party, despite what the fuck any of the lying spintards say in public. New, old, borrowed or fucking blue it'll make no fucking difference once 'Me Mini Me MiliBliar' gets in to his stride, having benefited from years of grooming via his mendacious mentors ... Lord and Lady Tony of Duplicity and Slotgobshire.

However, there is but one thing standing in the way of Bananaman and his utlimate goal of reaching the heady heights of MiliBliarism ...... The Cleggeron Coalition. Otherwise that jug eared, spineless, cock sucker of Saint Tony will be waving a whole fucking case full of bananas, outside the door of Number 10. Which, in time, will undoubtedly lead to much more of this sort of thing. And thisthis and fucking this.

Finally, I'll leave you with a soundbite/spinshite which was taken from a recent article here (well worth a read for the bullshit entertainment value) where David 'fyffes rooney minibliar' Miliband proclaims .... "Politics should be about getting out into the community and speaking to people. It should be about people and policies, not about spin and press releases."

They just don't fucking get it. Do they. Any of them.
Deluded, arrogant, duplicitous and aloof ... as ever.

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Dioclese said...

One of my favourite sayig seems appropriate :
"You can't teach a pig to sing - it frustrates you and annoys the pig"
What can I say - see

Gildas said...

Top blogging

microdave said...

"A sanctimonious black woman with 4 cunts" - That's another keyboard you owe me, you bastard!!!!

And as for Banaman's newspaper quote, there aren't enough soot blackened cooking utensils in the whole of Africa to even begin to do that justice....

Oldrightie said...

All the posing crap from Labour whilst the Bilderbergers quietly groom a new potential member. A guy more than willing to do a reverse Monika on old Bill's mrs to join. Fookin so obvious these days, as Lord Fat Shit would say, allegedly.. Still we'll know who to guillotine world wide!

Captain Haddock said...

Not being of a religious persuasion .. I use the term "pray" in its widest possible context ..

But I do pray that this leadership election doesn't just merely fizzle out, like a damp squib ... with Banana-man being quietly accepted ..

I hope that it escalates into a full-bodied & bloody civil war & that Labour, along with the Unions tear themselves apart ..

As Labour are in such a "delicate" financial position .. the more money that they can be made to squander, the better for all of us, in the long term ..

Indyanhat said...

Milliband??? that the black woman???, can't say I've been paying it all much attention , for as you say we will get who 'they' want us to get, like it or not.

@ microdave, the grumpy one owes me a keyboard for the same bit mate...fucking twat...but you gotta love him for it eh!
Have had to dig out a waterproof keyboard now...
Nice one GOT!

saga-city said...

what next King Herold Baby Sitting Services?...  come and let your children play in safety under the watchful eye of Tony and friends, intergration, social cohesion and how to take it up the ass in more ways than one will be taught to all.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Hilarious, Gotty.

Ya cunt.

Joe Public said...

So BLiar not only needlessly involved this country in unwinnable wars, costing thousands of lives; he also knowingly & deliberately foisted a totally unsuitable Prime Minister on us.

His Personal Protection  Squad should be withdrawn immediately.

Angry Teen said...

Excellent post, G.O.T.

And some bloody excellent pics, too!

GreatScot said...

This information from the BBC's Nick Robinson has left me short of words.

<span>• Tony Blair blamed Gordon Brown for starting the cash for honours row which led to the first ever police investigation into a serving prime minister</span>
<p>• Gordon Brown threatened to trigger that row if he didn't get his way on a policy which affects the pensions of millions of voters</p></span>

<p>What an utter spineless cunt Blair is and Brown is a fucking sociopath.

Captain Haddock said...

Politicians .. don't you just love 'em ?

Scum to the very last ..

Bring On The Revolution said...

"That sanctimonious black woman" Absolutely spot on as always Gotty!!
God fucking help us if we are ever "governed" by those Labour fuckwit retards again, I just wish the fucking lot of those hubristic, self-righteous, muzzie-loving diversity fucking awareness, Europhile, complete total and utter cunts would all just fuck the fucking fuck off and fucking die!!!

AnthonyS said...

Tell you what, that must have been a pisser when war criminal Bliar converted [as required by EU 'law'] to Catholicism in the hope that he would be the first president of the EU.

Those Bilderburgers certainly have a warped sense of humour appointing this fucking ugly twat instead...

What is the [New] world [Order] coming to? The Lib-Lab-Con/Demotwat-Repulicunts trick is starting to wear a little thin now.

tinks said...

Quite a day. Nothing like putting the interests of the country first.

I watched with interest the response to economy question by the usually fawning and useless Marr about the 'growth' of the economy being due to the abundance of easy credit and thus debt, and a housing bubble. He backed Brown on that one. Fool!

As for the Labour election, they haven't learned, a coronation of the feeble Banana Boy is not a lesson learned.

banned said...

Who gives a fuck about the Labour leadership anyway?  That cunt Prescott the tosspot was on radio 2 this afternoon, harping on about Gordons success in "investing" bollox but  failing to get off the "leadership " fence stuck so fast up his gert fat arse.

Bring On The Revolution said...

My sentiments exactly, cunts the fucking lot of 'em!!!

Anonymous said...

Not that I'd fight with your maths, but surely there are six cunts in the picture ... assuming the one she was born with did not heal up?


Uncle Nasty