Saturday, 25 September 2010

Ed The Red Or Bananaman The Yellow?

Forest Gump or The Alien?

The "big" announcement is due in exactly one hour.

Will it be the one who looks like a rapist or the one who looks like he has Down's Syndrome? A nation waits with baited breath, and other oral disorders.

Victory by the younger irritating wonkish one would delight the BBC and others who think that freedom is overrated, and a triumph by the other one would dismay hair-dye manufacturers everywhere. Considering how skilfully they both dodged a big inheritance tax bill, accountants will be delighted whatever the result with all the extra business that bad publicity generates. Bring on the attack dogs!

You can cut the tension with...a..blunt cutty cunty thing.

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Dazed-and-Confused said...

The BBC are currently beside themselves with anticipation and excitement at the upcoming event, inserting a special programme on BBC 2 pertaining to the anointment of their beloved new leader.

I was listening to the news on 5 live radio a few minutes ago, and the Labour leadership announcement wasn't just the top story, it was virtually the only fucking story, and the Beeboid reporting, sounded as if he was salivating at the mouth that "Red Ed" had a chance.

Fascist Hippy said...

Pair or evil dangerous cunts the both or them.

Gideon Mack said...

I really don't care which of the Millimonkies gets the job - both are lefty wankers and will be good for the nation - i.e. we won't vote for them thus keeping the Labour shite out of power - result.

stopcp said...

Should be "bated breath", Gotty.

Take 100 lines.

Ed Miliband wins the election, apparently.

So fucking what?

Catosays said...

As I said elsewhere, that's Libore fucked for a hundred years...or so.

Captain Haddock said...

What a choice to have to make ..

Between "Dumb" & "Dumber" ..

Still .. anything which fucks Labour up is good in my book ..

Houdini said...

Fuck me but that pair in colour in the middle are an ugly pair of cunts.