Saturday, 11 September 2010

Burn A Koran Day

So the burning question is ...... will he won't he?

Pastor Terry Jones is obviously a couple of pages short of a bible but he's harmless enough. So what's all the fucking fuss about? At least he's only threatening to burn someone else's book, not fly a couple of fully laden aircraft into a building or two. For fuck's sake.

Meanwhile, in other world news .......

Tug of the beard to Conan for the inspiration ;-)

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Captain Haddock said...

The last I heard .. he'd decided to call it all off ...

Bet they still issue a Fatwa on him though, just for threatening ..

Sue said...

Muslims burn the bible all the time. It's just not publicised and I can't see Christians being overcome with mass hysteria if they knew either.

Bunch of troglodytes these muslims. 

Klein Verzet

Captain Haddock said...

Joe Public said...

A coffe-spiller already, & it ain't lunchtime yet.

Bring On The Revolution said...

Well said Gotty, it just shows the utter hypocrisy of those muzzie cunts and the west's utter cowardice in standing up to the so-called "Religion of peace" who's conspiracy is total world wide domination. either by acts of violence or total colonisation, 9/11, London 7/7, Madrid,Bali,The Beslan school massacre, The US embassy bombings in Africa, the list goes on and on, all acts of mass murder committed by muzzie cunts.
It is about time The Western World woke up from it's stupor and opened it's eyes to what is going on, this unrelenting evil of Islamification of the Western World this is the result of the evils of open door immigration policies and this utter nonsense of "religious tolerance" all at the alter of this "multiculturalism" dogma. Anyone who dares to speak out against this tyrannous regime is instantly and harshly punished and made guilty of the most dreadful "hate crime" and labelled a terrible "Islamophobe".
So the utterly treasonous, treacherous traitor cunts of the leftie do-gooder multi-fucking-cultural, Muzzie bought and paid for, utterly corrupt political establishment are just as guilty as the Muzzie cunts themselves, so I say hang the fucking lot of 'em for allowing our country to be taken away from us right under our fucking noses, and get rid of all the filthy muzzie terrorist cunts as well and take OUR country back.
I don't fucking care how many fucking fatwas are issued against me, I WILL always speak the truth of what Is-fucking-lam really is, so all muzzie cunts can fuck off and die as far as I am concerned.
9/11.... Never forget or forgive, long live freedom of speech!!!

Snarky Basterd said...

Fuck it, GOT ... it'd be better if it was Burn Osama Day, but I'll take the Koran in his place if I must.

Best, Snark.

Tristan Price-Williams said...

If I had a son in Afghanistan fighting, and I was an American with a rifle, then I think I would probably shoot him.

This idiot has stired up more trouble than enough. He's as big a recruiting sergeant as the morons who tortured and sexually abused prisoners in Abu Graib; he's as dangerous as the murdering American soldiers who shot and killed Afghans as sport and he's as dangerous as Osama Bin Laden and all his lieutenants.

Stupid fundamentalist religion or any sort!

Billy Blofeld said...

I managed to take a snap of Ed Balls, who got up very early this morning, to go and burn his copy of the Koran.

I hope to fuck that no Muslim fundamentalists see this photo and decide to hunt Balls down and exterminate him.

Heads on poles said...

So much hassle for burning a fictional load of bollocks.
If any of these arseholes had any sense, they'd be selling them *to* burn - but no, the whole world has to be told not to upset them regardless of what the religion of peace has left in its wake.

Regardless of what sky pixie you follow, grow the fuck up.

Craig said...

These muslim cunts don't need any excuse to burn something related to UK or  US. We all know this pastor is a fuckwit but what it does is help all the left wing cunts here or the US is to rail as people like Sarah Palin who had already said this was a bad idea long before the Commie in Chief Obama said it should not happen. The left wing cunts do not realise that Islam is top dog and that women or gay rights play second fiddle in the "minorities" league.
Apologies..I've had a bit to drink.

Henry Wood said...

Tristan Price-Williams, why would you shoot your son for fighting in Afghanistan? Are you a covert muzzie by any chance?

Captain Haddock said...

You've gotta hand it to these fuckers ..

Burning our flags, bibles & effigies of people they don't like (mind you, some of them deserve it & more) ..

Whilst holding out t'other hand for our cash ..

That takes real "brass-neck" .. in fact it takes more "front" than fucking Blackpool .. the best bit is that .. we, like the mugs we are still continue to fall for it ... Grrrrrr

banned said...

"utterly treasonous, treacherous traitor cunts of the leftie do-gooder multi-fucking-cultural, Muzzie bought and paid for, utterly corrupt political establishment utterly treasonous, treacherous traitor cunts of the leftie do-gooder multi-fucking-cultural, Muzzie bought and paid for, utterly corrupt political establishment"

Quite so, much as I'd rather they were not here I don't blame the migrants, I blame the traitor fuckers who allowed and encouraged them to come.