Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Labour Mentality Lives On

A new Government funded college course is claiming to prepare young women for the business world. "The course was a good chance for the girls to have a go at something different, in addition to the sports, dance and singing clubs on offer"

The 6 week course is run by Chyna Whyne who claims her life was made a misery because she wasn't taught (wait for it .... wait for it .... and find something suitable to bite on, if you're easily riled) how to walk in high heels at a young age. Yes, that's fucking right! Never mind all the other thousands of things that would be far more fucking useful out there, in the big bad world of business, let's teach teenage girls how to 'totter-the-fuck-around' in high heels shall we.

And the name of this Government funded waste of fucking money?
"Sexy Heels In The City".

Give me fucking strength!*

*(and an extra bottle of vin rouge, which I reckon Ampers ought to pay for.
He emailed me the link which sent my piss into a state of fucking hyper boil)


JohnRS said...

And we're all supposed to believe that making public sector cuts will be difficult?

Nonsense, we're living in what can best be described as "a target rich environment" - and here's another one.

Anonymous said...

Well I suppose if they were training them as future sex workers it may be important.

SadButMadLad said...

Whilst I agree that the course is a total waste of time, I'm not so convinced that it is a waste of money. For us that is. Its still a waste of money for the women. I mean, if a woman has painful legs and feet from walking in high heels then they should wear normal shoes instead.

Searching around I see lots of references to Chyna Whyne and her Alexander technique, but I see nothing about the costs of her courses.

I suspect that a reporter has seen the course advertised (or the article from 2007*) and thought that it would make a good story in these cost cutting times. Thats why there is no mention of the cost of the course. Because then there would be no story and a journalist can't have that.

I suspect that she charges for her courses and rents the room from the college like she she does when she is providing her course at places like Mandeville Place, off Bond Street. And she must make a profit after all that.

I suspect that in fact she should be commended for being self employed and getting on her bike and making her own job and being quite successful at it. It must be if she is still doing since 2007.

* http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/women_shealth/3349559/Balancing-act-of-high-heels-and-health.html

Anonymous said...

It seems that Commerce and the city is just full of party animals. Question do they add value by tottering on heels?

Unknown said...

High heels? So that's the secret to success. Maybe Primark can start selling high heels to seven and eight year old girls to help further their career in later life...oh, sorry, that would be sexualising them, wouldn't it. FFS my sisters, when they were infants, caused ructions by smothering themselves in mothers make up while ruining her best stiletto's.

No wonder I've never got anywhere in life...still, it's never too late...wonder if they sell high heels in a size 12?

AntiCitizenOne said...

Spot the odd one out.

Book Keeping
Product Development.
Walking in High Heels.

Captain Haddock said...

I know Chyna Whyne .. and her brother, Shao Hsing .. both fit only for cooking with ...

Ray said...

Sexy Heels In The City. SHITCity then? Sounds about right.

If it turns out not to have any government funding and the costs are borne by the "students", then all power to her. No matter how stupid an idea sounds, there is always someone willing to pay for it - as long as it's not coming out of my taxes I don't care at all.

Ampers said...

Fuck the vin rouge, I'll buy you a pint when you come down to London - providing it's a Wetherspoons pub :-)

Anonymous said...

If the young "sexy in the city" ladies are having sore feet problems, I suggest they lie flat on their backs and raise their legs high in the air. This will immediately transfer the swelling from their feet to their male colleague's............erm other bits and everybody will be happy.

banned said...

It's all been downhill since they stopped sending classy bitches to posh 'finishing schools' in Switzerland.
Bring that back Davenick, charge it to Council Tax, we won't mind.

Anonymous said...

At least this spending has a silver lining. More sluts on heels = bonus.
Let's have a follow on course on "tight, low cut tops, short skirts and push-up bras", please.