Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Robin Hood Banker Avoids Jail

Fucking brilliant!

A German bank manager has been given a suspended sentence after being found guilty of taking money from the accounts of rich clients and giving it to the poorer ones.

Fair result, I would say.

Robin Hood banker, very good!
Robin Blind wanker, very fucking bad . . . .


Barking Spider said...

"Check his fingernails for shit" - I'm still fucking laughing!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice work, GOT, but let's hope the sequel has been cancelled.

Anonymous said...


Fidothedog said...

Fucking ace, looking forward to his head being on a spike.

Not a film, just looking forward to seeing his head on a spike.

banned said...

With Hariett Harman as racy Maid Marion.
Pete Mandelson as Prancing Will Scarlet.
Ben Bradshaw as the Sheriff Of Nottingham.
Jaqui Smith as the gaoled sluttern with a heart of gold.
David Cameron as exiled King Richard The Bender.
John Prescott as Friar Tuck and the rest of the Labour cabinet as the misdressed anonymongs pretending to be evil Norman soldiers, all that clanging about to no effect.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Robin Blind Wanker- I didn't think there was any need to bring fucking Blunkett into it!