Sunday, 29 November 2009

Advert Campaign Act On Co2

You may have noticed that I haven't had much to say yet about the climate change, AGW, global warming, Act On Co2 or whatever the fucking else those money grabbing, kiddie hoodwinking bastards are calling it these days. It strikes me that if they don't stop using the word green six times a twatting sentence, every time they open those gob shite lying gannet holes of theirs, they'll wear the fucking word out.

I'm sick and fucking tired of seeing that 'Act On Co2' scaremongering shit being rammed into our childrens' innocent heads, in a blatant attempt to use our own kin as some kind of 'conscience leverage'.

OOoo drowning puppies, poor thirsty rabbits, look at those floating kittens. It's all the grown-ups fault. Turning on light bulbs. Flying in big metal birds. Watching the TV. Eating ickle lickle moo moo cows. Oh, and heaven forbid, using an evil motor car to get to work.

Fuck off!
Fuck the fucking fucketty fuck off!

I'm sick of the humongous bollocksing hypocrisy of the whole twatting lot of them. The patronising politicians, the low life 'leaders', the holier than fucking thou do-fucking-good-ers. It's ok for them to swan around the fucking globe, by the hundred with their sycophantic hangers on, burning energy like there's no cunting tomorrow and then they proceed to scare the fucking shit out of our kids about how much energy WE are wasting.

Give me fucking strength!

So here is my version of the 'Act On Co2' advertising campaign.

It's the biggest project that I've tackled so far, mainly because I'm so incandescent with rage I just wanted to find a way of fighting back against the government brainwashing.

I'm hoping that as many people as possible will run with a few of these adverts by posting them on blogs and emailing them to anyone they think will be interested, in an attempt to flood the blogosphere with this alternative message.

Far be it from me to tell you all what to do, it's not my style, we should all still have the freedom to do what we think is right for us and our families but I am deadly fucking serious about all this. I'm really trying my best to do something constructive. Something that might make just make a difference.

Thank you.


Apologies for the images being a little on the small side in this post
but there are just so many of them.

Please click on any image to enlarge and view full size
and/or download them.

If this all manages to gather a bit of momentum
I have plenty more ideas for further adverts.

ADVERT UPDATE 2nd December
Non-sweary ones for a change ;-)

 ADVERT UPDATE 6th December
More new adverts added to the campaign  HERE

Watch the video HERE

Just for the record here are the official UK climate change con websites:
Act On C02   Act On Copenhagen

For more detailed info on the great Climate Change Con and CRU,
I suggest you check out Barking Spider,  Banned Fausty.
These bloggers are all carrying informative posts with excellent videos
and further links to more detailed hoax material

+++UPDATE 2+++
Many thanks to one of our commentors, MicroDave,
for sending in this picture of his newly adorned Fiat Panda.
Fucking nice one!

If anyone else has good pics of the adverts on their cars
or anywhere else, feel free to email them in ;-)


killemallletgodsortemout said...

Turn them into bumper stickers, and you'll make a fortune!

Snarky Basterd said...

I'm in. Post with links forthcoming.

Lawson said...

Anything to oblige! Done with a link back here.

Fidothedog said...

Shall be using these, fucking ace.

orange.888 said...

Don't you know about Climate gate old grumpy?

Anonymous said...

Give me strength!
Am I wasting my fucking time here?

Or is it that you've been tango'd ;-)

Amusing Bunni said...

Brilliant Adverts GOT! I linked you on the post I just did, and will put one on my right sidebar, with a link to this post. I just love your rant! I'm mad about all this too. I hope it goes viral.

banned said...

Sorted mate.

banned said...

btw, what is act0nC02s website ? Lets all get on there searching for scam, climategate and 'hide the decline '.

Volatile Barry said...

Very good posters. I've used one. You might like my Fuck EU one (about 3 posts down) help yourself. No artistic merit but fuck that anyway, it's the message that counts.

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is a great start.

Thanks to everyone that's running with it and let's hope we can make some difference ;-)

Anonymous said...

Nice one G.O.T. - haven't got a blog but I do now have a decent desktop for my PC - keep up the excellent work!

Unknown said...

Have you ever seen somebody lick the chutney spoon in an Indian Restaurant and put it back? This would never have happened under the Tories.

orange.888 said...

GOT your doing great work

But no mention of climate gate in your written posts or Al Gore, CRU Hadley all the actual meat to defeat the Copenhagen Treaty

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

I'm with you GOT

I'll spread the word to every fucking cunt I can.

microdave said...

O.M.G!! If I suddenly disappear you will know why....

I'm currently wading through the latest posts and comments at "Watts Up With This?", and found this excellent 10 minute quiz. See how many questions you get right, and pass it on to everyone you know:

Anonymous said...

Fair comment but my 'beef' in this post was more specifically directed at the way our children are being directly targeted (scared shitless) via the advertising campaign currently being run by the Government.

However, I have now added links to the main post to several bloggers (amongst the many who are far better at the nitty gritty than I am) that will lead readers to more detailed info.

Can't say fucking fairer than that ;-)

Anonymous said...

Nice one mate and thanks for helping spread the ads. Appreciated ;-)

Dedication indeed with the car stickers, fucking brill!

And thanks for the video quiz link. You're right, definitely worth a look even if it's just to see some more of those un-fucking-believable 'leaked' emails of Phil Jones.

orange.888 said...

Read this if you want nightmares - Rulesofthegame

MSM are digging their own graves right now except FOX, Telegraph

I've also started a crude blog to work out who to trust

The Gov is out of control you only have until the 9th dec 2009 before the army turns on the people.

orange.888 said...

I don't even have kids but this tyoe of propaganda is beyond a joke now.

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

I said I'd spread the word, GOT.

I'm already No.1 on google for 'co2 bollocks'

Anonymous said...

The Climate and Health Council wants GPs to give advice on climate change.


Presumably, they'll combine it with advice on getting your latest mercury and formaldehyde shot!

Will there be financial inducements for GPs?

Anonymous said...

... and thanks for the link, GOT!

orange.888 said...


I'm taking the Noahs arc approach and trying to informing the weakest in the food chain first.

Maybe this lot might help fight the Dopeinhagen Treaty

The Conservative Lady said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I was happy to post your ads and add 2 of them to my sidebars.
Your idea is a good one and I hope the ads go viral.
This hoax must come to an end NOW.
Keep up the good work.

Ampers said...

I'm in, have downloaded and will copy to my blog sson.

Shibby said...

Will do!

The Daily Retard said...

Awesome fucking post, GOT! I am grabbing one of your badges to link to this from the Retard!

The Filthy Engineer said...

I've got one of your's on mine now.
I liked the sweary ones.

MadDave said...

I have one of these stickers on the back of my V8 Range Rover :) -


Amusing Bunni said...

Good News GOT, have you seen this?

Seems we got to him in Chicago!
What a pussy.....this is great news.

Anonymous said...

OH yes!
Nice one Bunnykins and wouldn't it be good if Gordon Brown took the fucking hint too. Can't see it though. The pathetic twat!

Chrisdofman said...

im gutted i didnt find this before. iv left soo many fucking posts on other peoples sites just to have them removed. i dont think that will happen here. gordon brown shold fuck off and take all these stupid cunts that are pushing this act on co2 bullshit with him. im posting a link to this on facebook. hope you dont mind fella

Barking Spider said...

O/T, GOT, but I've just seen Fausty's comment about the "mercury and formaldehyde shot", lol - it'll fucking kill you but it will keep you looking great for years!

chris said...

dude, funny stuff. its easier to plaster images all over the net if the words 'twat' 'fuckity' and 'fuck' aren't repeated over and over again with a smattering of cunt!

the 'its just an act' thing is a very apporopriate meme. seriously genius! i haven't watched tv for years (thanks to all the seeders) so i had to view this ocular violation via teh internets.

citizens: check out on wiki: 'post normal science' and 'LTI' for lingua tertii imperii. apply your observation to 'climate change'; its fucking wrong.

Anonymous said...

This website is fucking wrong...I only hope that when the world comes to an end this decade, I am here standing in your fucking face saying ' They told you so', watch out in 2012. This planet CARLOVERS is coming to an end and fast too. The advert is right, its a fact that the petrol guzzling chokeing fumes your bloody exhausts emit causes more CO2 than any plane, power station. There are too many cars on the plannet - 3 cars per family these days just a fucking joke, I hope you lot who say Act On CO2 is a joke, all die in fucking hell in armagedon because you deserve it. News reports on ITN News, ploar ice caps melting and sea levels rising fast, that isnt just natural occurence - thats because we use too much power andburn too many fossil fuels but NO....theres plenty left, fossil fuels dont run out, cars are safe...then why do I always choke on them bloody massive big bor exhausts the boy racer daft lads have!! Why do I have to breathe in their rotten gasses from their stupid exhausts just cuz they have cock too small, they make up for it by other means - stupid custom cars.


Anonymous said...

Everybody who does not believe global warming is reality must be living on some alien plannet or must have been watching too much Big Brother or X Factor which is great for the world!! Visit the North Pole, watch the ITN News report specials on the Glacier retreats. They are melting at an alarming rate. Why are sea levels rising? Why is London and the South at risk of being completely flooded in te future? Why in this decade do we get milder winters and catastrophic flooding? This winter is an exception. I cant believe people who refer to the recent snowy freezing waether and say ' so much for global warming!' Its a joke! This is just a weather cycle but generally we get mild wet winters even in December!
We are all responsible for burning too much CO2 and its wrecking our plannet - not that you lot care as your likely glued to Joe McElderly blasting out another anthem done in gay style. You will care when your homes become flooded by the river's torrent, when everything in 2012 comes to a standstill because of a massive event to hit the history of mankind. You'll have learned then that you should have given up your car jsut cuz you wanted to take the kids 100 metres to school in a 4x4 or cuz you wouldnt turn the engine off in that bloody jam on the M1

Adam said...

Brilliant. Sheer brilliance!

Thanks for making my day :

Adam said...

Ooops - here's the url I wanted to send - it's a photo set on my Facebook.

Anonymous said...

Whether or not you believe in Climate Change. The reality is that we are running out of gas and oil. We should be looking at alternative sources of energy. Unless, you want to continue as is, we have already seen gas prices doubled. And the price of petrol is nuts.

WhatsEatingMeNow said...

Brilliant, makes my ravings look tame.