Monday, 30 November 2009

Google Sensor Climategate

I shit you not, try it for yourself.
Enter C-L-I-M-A-T-E-G-A-T-E into google search and all you see is this . . .

 . . . but if you hit enter, amazingly you get this . . .

. . . that's right, 12.1 million returns!

So what the fucketty fuck is going on there then?

Who the fuck has decided to remove all the 'suggestions' from Google when anyone starts to type 'Climategate'? More importantly who the fuck has ordered them to do it!

Thanks to cbullitt for the tip off


Costello said...

Interestingly enough (probably not actually) the results for "Climategate" have decreased by well over a million since this morning alone.

When i last checked to see if Google were suggesting "Climategate" a search for the term returned around 13.5 million hits. The search i've just done has only returned 12.1 million.

Stop Common Purpose said...

Try this:

48,199,178 results.

Oldrightie said...

Stop Common Purpose

If only we could.

Joe Public said...

Try asking them............

sickofit said...

Google updates its search results from multiple data centres throughout the day.
Take no notice of their 'evil' intentions.

Murdoch is trying to tell Google it has to pay for Newscorp news so do you really think they will pass up the chance to show Newscorp they don't really matter?

hangemall said...

I mentioned this at Old Holborn.


might be the problem and this

might be the solution. Cheers.

Researcher said...

Only seems to do this for the UK version. Type 'climate' into and the top suggestion is 'climategate'.

Exactly what that implies I don't know.

hangemall said...

I have just tried again and get the following result.

From "clim" to "climategat" (typing slowly) climategate is at the top.

Maybe some algorithm they use is "too" fancy.

Anonymous said...

Hangmail, looking on the positive side, hopefully you are right and it is something that simple. Otherwise we really are all fucked.

BUT as Costello eluded to above, what could be the explanation for such a large drop in the total returns. It seems that cbullitt, in the USA, has noticed that issue too.

Paranoia? Or is that what 'they' want us to think? One thing is for sure, it's giving me a right old head fuck ;-)

hangemall said...

I certainly can't explain the drop in numbers. I didn't use google this this morning when I got in from work. I just had a good slug of single malt, caught up on my favourite blogs and went to sleep until afternoon.

Anyway, talking of single malts, I'm off to leg-irons. Toodle-pip.

Ed P said...

Nice juxtaposition of sensor & censor!
Try a google search for Crudgate (as some have been labelling it for over a week now) - nothing!

Anonymous said...

Ed P
I was beginning to think that I was being too damn subtle for my own good ;-)

AntiCitizenOne said...

I'd wait a little while.

Google doesn't have a single database, it has a loose cluster that get updated with partial updates of the other clusters.

Your trying to hit a moving target by looking at other peoples polaroid pictures.

cbullitt said...

Ah, I see you liked the logo.
BTW, The aussies now have TOny Abbott in charge of the Lib Dems. They're saying it will kill the party but it means NO ETS!!! Hooray!!!

13th Spitfire said...

I dont know I feel quite special, seeing as they appear to have targeted the alone. The American .com works perfectly well with suggestions and all.

orange.888 said...

Thank fucking god you have actually stated climate gate have no shitty mods or editing

For the fans of real MSM ? haha

Go to Barack Obama on IMDB any comment by imscruffythejanitor
is yours truly.

Al Gore
Leo DiCaprio
Gordon Brown
Michelle Obama

I've been to so far and the mods are in full force

In relation to your article 13,300,00 was the number of results that come up yesterday now it is 12,300,000 also on Google

Also noted is youtube I now can't post comments

I really hope this takes down PC bs as well.

Another thing about Google where the page scroller at the bottom allows you to go to page 10 or 30 for instance do this a couple of times a watch carefully the results count gives it away.

Even before climate gate kicked off only 500 results were ever available out of the millions of results anyway 500 results are not beyond the capability for a bloated public sector to attack and delete or manipulate

orange.888 said...

I've scroll the page selector now 1 dec 2009 at 01:24 and got it to 13,500,000 results

Also Fox News - especially Opinion sector is hopefully spreading the news in US.

Also god RIP George Carlin but how profound is this:-


Terrorism in Russia on the trains this is CIA work

orange.888 said...

Also thanks so far to

Devils Kitchen


Guido Fawkes - seriously I now think he is a conservative lightning rod, barely even mentioned CRU

Old Holborn bit of a let down maybe the gunpowder is wet

banned said...

Stop common Purpose, I use startpage too but they currently show
12,099,907 matching results.

Yahoo seem to be playing the same game as Google but they do show 7,800,000 results on the left sidebar of the first results page.

Anonymous said...

Google's worldwide headquarters building is in Mountain View, California, USA, approximately 40 miles south of San Francisco. San Francisco is liberal-progressive-communist headquarters for the USA with 1500+ fake-charities and quangoes along with UCSF's Big Pharma paid anti-smoking propaganda machine headquartered there as well.

When that many liberal-progressive-communists get together in a single metropolitan area, then it's no wonder Google wouldn't fall into the same line as the rest of them and do everything in its power to attempt to keep the truth about the AGW Fraud from coming to surface.

People in SF simply like things that way, to not have to bother with the truth.

It's very much their style.

Anonymous said...

And if Yahoo is very much like Google and hiding the AGW Fraud information, it is because Yahoo's worldwide headquarters is in Santa Clara, California, approximately 55 miles south of San Francisco and also within the same progressive-liberal-communist metropolitan territory as San Francisco is already notorious for and simply following through with the same thought process, of hiding facts and the truth, as is the common political way of life in San Francisco.

Anonymous said...

I tried Bing and when typing in climate - you get climategate followed by climate change hoax.
That's more like it.

orange.888 said...

Anyone else feel like to battle is being lost to IPCC, the media today seems to have totally closed ranks.

Most people I speak to haven't a clue about Climategate

banned said...

Anonymouse 05:47 & :51, thank you for that revealing information.

Anonymous said...

Be facetious if you like, but truly any companies HQ'd in the San Francisco surroundings is going to be over-wrought with uber-politically-correct staff and exhibit an undying allegiance to fake-liberal-progressive-communist-leaning-UN-as-one-world-government-NWO ideals, including hiding AGW Fraud - as the majority in SF tends to keep the shutters up along both sides of their eyes so nothing of the truth gets in their way. SF is one metropolitan area where propaganda rules, not truth - contrary to whatever popular myths SF likes to bill itself as to the people living there or to the outside world.

banned said...

Anonymous 02:53m I was not being facetious, I was being perfectly sincere with my thanks. We are all aware that SF is full of homosexuals but I for one did not know of the "1500+ fake-charities and quangoes along with UCSF's Big Pharma paid anti-smoking propaganda machine headquartered"

So, once again, thank you.

microdave said...

Just seen this (linked from WUWT):
Someone has been tackling Google about this issue:

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:53: Thanks then. I thought maybe I was overstating something obvious. I'm surprised nobody's that aware of SF's influence in a lot of these goings-on I hear complained about elsewhere.

You can peruse the "progressive organizations" listing at to find about 1500 maybe of "charities" devoted to bringing on a one-world-communist-government as quickly as possible. Or look at jobs postings and it's all for Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Tides Foundation, etc., etc. or else PR campaigns to sell global-warming, anti-smoking, etc.

And among industrial investments, you have UCSF invested in by pharma to head the war on smokers (SF bans outdoors and bans retailing, not just indoors), Al Gore's CurrentTV is HQ'd in SF, so are many pharmas and from SF down to San Jose, Silicon Valley which is heading toward Google, Yahoo, others, including up in SF proper - you find internet based businesses which dominate the I-net - social networking company HQs, software companies - and all of them populated by one of the most politically-corrected bunch of persons one can ever find gathered in a single location here on earth.

It's really quite an aggregation of people, money and thus power come together to spear-head a one-world-liberal-progressive-government, possibly ground-zero for the entire USA, with tentacles into the rest of the world thanks to the internet-based businesses.

Yes, Al Gore's CurrentTV, which is an internationally carried satellite TV network of propaganda is also HQ's in downtown SF.

Where else and why not? Everything else of that nature is HQ'd in and around the SF metropolitan area these days.

Plus, by Al Gore being HQ'd in SF, he is literally surrounded by a wall of "correct thinking" people - thus there will never be a protest on the streets against him. He can move freely among like-minded indoctrinees.

Sorry. I thought you didn't know, but I'm surprised nobody is aware of these things outside of SF.

It must be one of SF's "best kept secrets" then, better to launch a constant surprise offensive on the rest of the world by not drawing attention to themselves way of keeping things incubated here.

Erny said...

G'Day Grumpy,

It seems Google finally got the message. I've managed to successfully google climategate and the suggestions were on the money, this being 19DEC09.
Maybe the unusual snow in Copenhagen has something to do with it?
Top site by the way cobber! I've forwarded links to anyone who will read them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Benjamin, excellent news! Perhaps our collective 'voices' are beginning to get noticed.

Cheers for the kind words too and I hope it's a bit warmer where you are, no sign of global fucking warming here. It's bloody freezing ;-)

Anonymous said...

That's a brilliant take on Google's logo, Mr GOT.