Friday, 13 November 2009

Edukayshun, Educaishen, Eddyoukayshin

I'm sick and fucking tired of the fuckwits who are supposed to be running this Country and their apparent inability to grasp the basics of reading, riting and rithmatics. Not to mention their ever increasingly pathetic attempts at using the internet to try and 'educate us'.

So, I came up with this idea, set at a basic enough level that even those child minded fuckwits might begin to understand.

It may be a regular series, who knows, but one thing is for sure . . . .
it's more fucking fun learning with Gotty!


Captain Haddock said...

Blimey GOT ..

You've pitched this way too high .. the first question for example "What letter does this fucking picture begin with" appears to be multi-choice .. as it could begin with any of them ..

All would describe the horrible apparition in the picture accurately ..

Anonymous said...

Possible answers;


Did Obo set this question?

banned said...

Could do with a link for " Jobsworths " maybe with a daily link to the latest jobsworth fuckwittery ( ie How Not To Do It )

Todays link 13th December Tesco at it again; refuses to sell wine to 46 year old dad with teen daughter in tow

Or Council pays to bury autumn leaves as landfill in case they are contaminated with fag ends

KC Kelly said...

I nominated your for a blog award. Check it out at

Captain Haddock said...

I've sussed this out now GOT ..

Its really the entrance exam paper for PCSO's isn't it ?

Anonymous said...

Like it Captain H, could easily be, although those PC-fucking-SO's are thicker than thickest thick shit so would probably get it wrong.

Even though there is no correct answer ;-)

Great links Banned although I have now gone off on one at the sheer fucking stupidity of it all. As a result I'm off to demolish some vin rouge ;-)

Obo? Fuck me, surely I'm not that fucking offensive am I? You cunt ;-)

Anonymous said...

I fink I woay ti a bid skool bit have lint t slpill thit BROWN is a complete cunt.

Anonymous said...

I bin tryin it, but woss da fing in the pitcher?

Bring On The Revolution said...

And look what Labour's utterly useless "Education, education education" system has produced: A genertaion of ill-disciplined School leavers that are a bunch of completely brain dead, brain washed, fuckwitted, mentally retarded thick cunt dweeby chav hoodie, knife-wielding, murdering scum that can barely read, right or add up and have no fucking idea of right and wrong and think it's ok to produce the next generation of offspring that will be just the fucking same at the age of about 12!And engage in what the leftie do-gooder cunts describe as "Anti-social behavior" What you and I know is that what they really deserve is a damn good fucking hiding! Hang your head in shame Mr Brown! Hey G.O.T can you produce some kind of photo of Brown wearing a D-for-Dunce hat, it would look really good!!!!

Anonymous said...

Easy... twat his ex-SAS 'bodyguards'... it doesn't take rocket-science to do this by the way. The term "Fight fire with fire" comes into play.


Twat the SBS [special bum-jobs squad] for good measure... a few land-mines does the job...

chink... chink