Thursday, 26 November 2009

Twatco Value

The Labour Press Office have confirmed that several additional products have now been added to their couldn't give a fuck what the fucking plebs think low value Twatco range. As a result, it appears that all the equivalent items that were previously available in the Great British Finest range, have now either been completely fucked to infinity and beyond irrevocably superceded or discontinued.


Lauren Simcock said...

As usual mate,you hit the nail on the head.

Barking Spider said...

Spot on, mate!

banned said...

Not to mention

"International terrorism
"Spurious arrests Guaranteed"

"Swine-flu panic
"Untested drugs Guaranteed"

"Surveillance society
"Loss of privacy Guaranteed"

" Labour government
"Malfeaseance Guaranteed"

" Tory government
"Same old shit, Guaranteed"

Anonymous said...

Some great additions to the product lines there mate. Mind you, I wouldn't expect anything less from you.

I'll knock up the images for those if you like, when I have a spare minute ;-)

banned said...

Cheers G.O.T.; I considered posting

Every little cunts

but thought better of it, dunno why.