Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Afghan War. What's It For?

Read about the last blog entry
of the latest soldier to die in Afghanistan.

And weep.


Anonymous said...

Protecting oil and gas pipelines.

.243 Win said...

Same as it was in 1839.

Same as it was in 1878.

Same as it was in 1919.

For perceived influence, for International "status", to distract from dissent at home.

All futile.

Captain Haddock said...

Its to make an otherwise incompetent, insignificant, incapable one-eyed twat look important .. and it ain't working ..

Conscientous Objector said...

Spot on brother.

You forgot to mention that going to war is big business for those who manufacture arms,planes,tanks etc etc

Lauren Simcock said...

Nothing to add GOT.You already said it all

Oldrightie said...

"You forgot to mention that going to war is big business for those who manufacture arms,planes,tanks etc etc"

Rothschilds are the head of The Bilderberger Rulers. The Maxim gun principle writ large. A junket in Corfu next summer is already planned for the EUSSR President.

Lawson said...

Powerful stuff GOT.

Barking Spider said...

Great post, GOT, Gordon says "ouch"!

banned said...

Yet this very week one of Gordons disgusting gang of europhilliacs chose to announce that there was £50million going spare to be used to tart up the bogs at various railway stations in labour tending constituencies.

How many sets of body armour would £50million buy ?

How long before troops on active service are forbidden from blogging/twittering or even internet acess supposedly for security but in reality to protect the authorities from embarassing stories such as this one.

Fidothedog said...

First it was for democracy, now its to keep us safe from Alky Ada. Never mind that we have enough home grown islamic fucknuts willing to blow up buses for Allah.

The fuckers can't even agree the reason for why the troops are out there, yet alone anything else.

Punchwho? said...

Maybe, just maybe if the UK and USA had gone into Afghanistan when they should have and in force - soon after 11th September 2001 and not invaded Iraq on some fucking personal vendetta and business building trip for George Dubya we might have had a chance of striking a killer blow to Bin Laden.

No, what we did was invade a country on a lie and we are now perceived as persecutors of Muslims which will guarantee we are there for along time. And yes, in the end we will negotiate a settlement like we always do with terrorists or withdraw and leave them to it.

It may even come to pass that we managed to get involved in two wars that are unwinable and leave our homeland more vulnerable than it was before. Brilliant tactics.