Friday, 22 May 2009

Baby P, Peter Connelly. Give Me Strength!

The sentences handed out for the murderers of
Baby P, Peter Connelly,
are totally, fucking inadequate. . . .

Stephen Barker

Tracey Connelly

Jason Barker

Sharon Shoesmith

Hang the murdering arsewipes
until they are dead.

Poor Peter.
Maybe one day he will rest in peace . . .

Jack Straw and Jacqui Smith.
Far more interested in fiddling their expenses
than seeing that justice is done
for a poor defenseless little boy.

I hope they both rot in hell.


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The End (Bye Bye!) said...

Three Fucking Bastards.

Let them serve their measly time.

Let them be released.

Let them then be punished properly...

Cate Munro said...

Mate - one of the best posts I've ever seen. Wish I could nick the whole thing and put it on mine! The word needs spreading!
I'll settle for nicking the Labour Banner ;-)

May return soon..fuckety fuck. said...

GOT, i totally agree with every word. though i believe hanging is too good for the food chain wasters who took peters' life. maybe this would be better:
cut them..not so much that it will kill them, but enough to cause suffiecient bleeding. then abandon them in the arfican savannah and let a bunch of starving vultures peck the fuckers to death...slow and painful..the same death they enflicted on BP.
and that includes shoesmith, jackboots and anyone else who has failed peter...cunts, one and all...nulabour justice is a fucking joke.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Are you all fucking stupid?
Granted, we want these tossers away for life but do we all have to believe the media bollox?

These cunts WILL be away for life. A minimum sentence is only there for the parole board. Will they get parole? Will they fuck. Who's gonna parole them? A woman wouldn't because it's the death of a child, and a man wouldn't incase his wife finds out that he did.

They'll be beaten senseless in prison every day of their lives, and there's no way any government will allow them to go free. Kicking up a fuss because there's a minimum sentence just goes to show you read the Daily Mail.

It was the immigrants, or the blacks, or labour, or someone else equally sensational.


Myra Hindley, sentenced to life. Life meant 25 years at that time. She died in prison because it would have been an election loser to release her.

Charlie Bronson, 3 1/2 years. Been inside for the best part of 35 years. They'll never let him out.

Ronnie Biggs, only nicked abit of money, but he made them look stupid by getting away so they'll never let him out.

British Justice does work. The Judge will have added a minimum to the sentence just so the papers kick up a fuss and blame Gordon, so Cameron can use it against him.

Put the shit papers down and start thinking for yourselves. If you don't do that, we'll be America in no time.

Anonymous said...

hopefully they will be tortured in jail until they die a long painful death, just as little Peter did. They did the unthinkable and deserve a public hanging.

Jennifer Hardin said...

Please watch this link its a tribute to baby peter. He deserves justice and I intend to see that he gets it

Anonymous said...

I searched out this story at the request of a friend, and have been moved to tears just thinking of the horrendous acts. My own son is not much older than Peter was, and it breaks my heart to think that anyone could hurt a child in such a way... I hope that Peter has finally found the peace and love that he so deserves, and that the fucking bastards that did this to him suffer 1000 times the torture, pain and humiliation...

Death is too great a gift for such as these people... I can only hope that the justice system in your country does right by that poor baby.
~Canadian Mother

banned said...

Stephen Barker, won his appeal against indeterminate sentence and is likely to be released within a few weeks FFS.

Anonymous said...

good ole british sex offender justice. The judges are as guilty as the cunts themselves

Casey L Bolick said...

I am almost left speachless. This unbelievable act makes me want to get on a plane and go torture and kill these people myself. These animals should be caged for life. It's said that God forgive us of our sins. I hope that God doesn't forgive this. I pray that they will spend all eternity in Hell, suffering the worst imaginable pain and torture. May Peter Connelly's name be praised and his story shared so that other childern will not suffer the same fate. My wife and I are helping a family in need this Christmas in honor of PETER CONNELLY. God bless you and your childern. Rest in peace Peter, you are loved.

Anonymous said...

this story is horrible who could some something as horrible n gruesome as that im a sophmore in high school n i've been affected and my entire class has been too n to know we couldnt do anything was unbearable i think the three should go throufgh exactly what they put him through no child or person should ever be neglacted like that