Monday, 17 August 2009

Bob 'The Knob' Ainsworth Must Go

It's time to start the 'Bob Ainsworth Must Go' Campaign.

The defence of our Country and the welfare of our British Troops deserves so much more than this bungling, inept, moustache faced, wig wearing wanker.

Oi Bob, do us all a favour and fuck the fucketty fucking fuck off before you manage to complete destroy too many more of the lives of our British Forces and their families.

I'll even lend you a bar of soap to wash all that blood off your hands.


Further details of the wig wearing wanker can be found here.


Anonymous said...

He should never have been put in such an important post. Yes he should go, so should Gordon and the rest of this draconian self-serving government who are treating us like fools whilst they sell us out and fill their pockets.


Warsteiner said...

If he thinks the war's so winnable he should go join the troops on the front line - but he won't because he's just a posturing politician full of his own self-importance.

And to keep the theme going - he's a cunt.

All Seeing Eye said...

Bar of soap? He'd need a wire brush to scrub the blood off. Soap is what he should be bending for in the showers in prison.

Houdini said...

No, the point that should be made and rammed home is that the cunt should have never had the fucking job in the first fucking place!

Harry Blog said...

Festering Cunt is what he is and i would not Piss on him if he was on fire.Piss off and die.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the fucking fuck off Bob Ainsworth you useless Labour leftie cunting wanker along with the rest of your useless fuckwit friends in the Labour Communist party, We have all fucking had enough of you and can't fucking wait to see the back of you useless incompetent cunts. You ought to hang your head in shame and you have blood on your hands. You're not even competent enough to clean the fucking toilets!

Lawson said...

Wot anon said, but with added vitriol.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to join in with Anon & Lawson Narse & add yet another touch of vitriol - just a bucketful or two.
Incidentally, is there a Mrs Bob Ainsworth (and if so, what does she call her Seeing Eye Dog?)or is he yet another of the Fruity Loops Band who likes to 'bend for the boys'?
I hope he feels very proud of himself today as another three boys arrive aback in the UK, honoured by the people of Wooton Basset while Bob the Knob hides himself away.