Monday, 24 August 2009

Where is Gordon Brown?

The Man in a Shed raises an excellent point . . .

Why is Gordon Brown taking a very long period of holiday?

Is it medical leave ? If so we should be told about any conditions that are impacting his ability to lead the country.

Perhaps the media knows why and its one of those Blair family type secrets ? The lack of MSM interest in Brown's prolonged absence suggests they know and are keeping quiet. If so, Mr Brown, then its time to put your family first and resign.

Oh, but hang on, a new leader will mean a general election in time for the Conservatives to stop Lisbon . . .

Is he just Lazy ? Or is he crazy in a temporary sort of way that they think might get better ?

Its yet another one of those obvious questions that just isn't getting asked by the MSM.

The silence is deafening.

Come on on then, what the fuck is going on?


GoodnightVienna said...

With everything going on (from MoD procurement cock-up to al-Megrahi cock-up) he'd normally have been falling over himself to get to the cameras and deliver one of his homilies. I can only assume he's in a strait-jacket in a secure and comfortable environment with Sarah sitting on his chest & Mandy's stilletto against his windpipe.

The Last Of The Few said...

I know exactly where he is.
The loody armed coppers all over my sodding village are testimony to that.

However I feel he is using the if I can see it it all goes away tactic.

Basically shit storm dies down he re-emerges.

Anonymous said...

He's ran off, he knew this shit was going to happen. Head buried in the sand, hoping it will all go away. No such luck, Jonah.

All Seeing Eye said...

Everyone thinks he's the biggest cunt of the lot ao he goes into hiding. Other lesser cunts have to do stuff- but can't equip troops properly and then give away terrorists.

The lesser cunts turn out to be big cunts when in the spotlight. Brown then looks less of a cunt in comparison. Simples.

Anonymous said...

The Usual Brown hubris and cowardice, Takes all the credit when he thinks it's all going well for him, then disapears off the face of the earth when the shit hits the fan! What a fucking useless shower of shit Labour really fucking are! We need a fucking revolution, not just an election!!

Barking Spider said...

He hasn't even had the courage to break cover and take the credit for England's Ashes victory! Now that IS odd!!!

Anonymous said...

he fought ruthlessly for years to become a leader and then didnt know what to do with all that power when he got it.

The man is finished and the reality may, just may just be dawning on him.

Fancy knowing that you will have to be thrown into a general election volcano as a Labour sacrifice?

Poor diddums, he must be traumatised that this PM stuff is not what its cracked up to be.


All Seeing Eye said...

Barking Spider, dunno about McDoom but his wife was straight in there twattering something like (can't be arsed to look it up) "well done and hope the NHS can fix Flintoff"

Hopefully he'll twatter back and say "fuck off you cunt, I'm going private"

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

They have moved him up to a stronger dose of anti-psychotics. It’ll take a while before his body adjusts and he can be seen in public again.

Anonymous said...

Why can't un-elected dictator Brown just fuck the fucking fuck off? No one voted for you, no one wants you,everyone hates the fucking sight of you, you're just a one-eyed Scottish Socialist, Stalinist Commie idiot wanker Labour leftie loser that has completely, totally and utterly bankrupted and fucked our country up. Just get the message in your thick head and FUCK OFF BROWN!!!