Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Highest Jobless Total For 14 Years

So, the Office for National Statistics has today announced the number of people seeking work in the three months up until May 2009 rose 281,000 to 2.44 million, the most since 1995 and the biggest single rise since records began. The number claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance increased by 23,800 in June to 1.56million – the worst total since Labour came to power in 1997.

To most of us these figures will come as no real surprise, given the piss poor performance of Gordon 'head in the sand' Brown and the rest of his equally inept colleagues fucktards in the Cabinet.

What caught my eye most about all this though was a quote from Peter Mandelson, in response to the release of today's figures . . .

". . . there would have been far in excess of 500,000 more jobs lost in the recession had it not been for the government and the Bank of England’s intervention."

err . . are you sure about that?

While jobs are being totally slashed in the private sector, the state payroll appears to be on the up and up! A total of 6.02million people worked in the public sector at the end of March – up 15,000 since the beginning of the year.

And how about the impact of mass immigration? The number of migrants working in Britain is still rising. The number of people born overseas in employment was 3.81million in March – up 129,000 in a year.

Who the fuck are you fucking kidding, Peter?

I suggest that the figures would have been considerably less if it had not been for the total fucking ineptitude of the Labour Government together with you and that other unelected, cock sucking, arse fingering bed fellow of yours, Gordon Brown.

Oh and Peter . . .
Nice to see that some of us are doing well during a recession.
Thieving cunt!


Warsteiner said...

It has been a thoroughly depressing day with the unemployment stats and the BoE statement - so had to get photoshop out - couple of pics at my place

Anonymous said...

Robert Mugabe could do a better job than this lot. Every decision Labour make now is a disaster for this country - Mugabe is a cunt, but Gordon Brown has managed to surpass him

Anonymous said...

Office of National Figure Fudging Fuckers.