Sunday, 23 November 2008

Easy Like A Sunday Morning

I should be so fucking lucky! 
England are getting thrashed in the 4th ODI cricket against India (no change there then!). 
Thank fuck it's raining there at the moment so we might get away with a draw! Don't bother ringing any call centres today 'cos all those muppets from Bangalore are at the ground, jumping up and down like a load of twats everytime India score! Press 3 to nuke the whole fucking lot of them I say.
Pissing with rain here too, so needless to say that fucking cat has just come in and dumped another load of toxic waste. That'll be my nostrils fucked again!
Put the radio on and was confronted with the new Tom Jones single . . . what the fuck is that all about? Its about time that old fart knocked it on the head. Who wants to see some 110 year old has been from the valleys, still thrusting his leather clad, lump of coal filled crotch at anything with tits. Its fucking disgusting!
Turned the radio off, put the cricket back on, still fucking raining!

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