Friday, 28 November 2008

No One is Safe

Apparently a thief stole a blank cheque from a company where he worked.
He made it out to himself for £895 because he wanted some holiday money.
His boss found out and marched him off to the Police with a sign around his neck which said "I stole £895 and am on my way to the Police Station"
With me so far?
All sounds fair and square doesn't it?

Hold onto to your fucking hats!
The thief was let off with a caution and the boss was arrested and charged with false imprisonment. Along with 3 other employees who helped to restrain the offender.
What the fuck is going on!
It gets worse, apparently the offender (who now seems to be the victim) is threatening to sue his boss for 'humiliation and upset". (Looks like he'll still get his holiday then).
Somebody is having a fucking giraffe here!

If I was in the same situation (I have my own business) I would expect to be able to apprehend the offending piece of shit and seek judicial recourse.
By all accounts that'll be a waste of fucking time then because instead of being the one who has been fucked I would undoubtedly become the fuckee!

British Justice? Pah!
Waste of fucking time unless you are a
benefit claiming asylum seeking lesbian,
with 9 kids (all from different unknown fathers),
living in a 6 bedroom mansion,
paid for by Haringey Council.
Fuck the fuck off you twats!

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