Friday, 28 November 2008

Another Waste of Tax Payers Money

Fuck me sideways!
Have you seen this heap of shit?
This has cost us £40,000 pounds!
It's a half finished shed that took 2 fucking years to build and is supposed to be a work of art!

Click here, if you want to see the twats that commissioned this load of bollocks.
They are so proud of this fucking heap of shit that they've made a short film about it.
Even more money wasted!
At no point do they mention that it cost the tax payers FORTY THOUSAND POUNDS.

These art group tossers are called FirstSite and have apparently had £millions of tax payers money.
The best bit?
It's only temporary and will be knocked down in February.

Whose the twat here?
  1. The artist, for taking the piss?
  2. FirstSite, for wasting our money on shitty self indulgent bollocks?
  3. The poxy Government, for letting them have our money?
This is a classic case of three strikes and you're out.
They're all twats!

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