Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Credit Crunch Pub Lunch

Whatever happened to the good old 'pie and a pint'?
Who the fuck decided that the great British public wants over priced 'lardee dardee' shit for lunch?
Mediterranean vegetables with goats cheese and basil on a baby jacket potato £5.95 - fuck off!
Rocket and wild mushrooms with an autumn berry jus on ciabatta £4.75 - bollocks!
For fucks sake, where have the cheese and onion sandwiches and meat pies gone?
It won't be long before pubs stop selling beer!
Will all you pub landords stop bleating on about how bad trade is because of the credit crunch and wake up and smell the coffee (cappuccino, frappuccino, cafe mocha or whatever the fuck else you call it these days).
Give us what we fucking want!


Anonymous said...

Burger £8.95


Fuck the fuck off!

Old Holborn said...

What are these "pubs" of which you speak?

Anonymous said...

Also known as public houses these establishments used to be furnished with spit and sawdust before they became lardee fucking dah and started having carpets on the floor.
It is also told that a hardworking soul could imbibe ale and partake in the consumption of meat pies and spotted dick.
All this for farthing and still have change for a whore.