Saturday, 22 November 2008

BBC Waste Licence Payers Money

If you're looking for a well constructed and balanced argument on the subject of the BBC Licence Fee, then you're in the wrong place.
Jonathan Ross or Wonathan Wucking Woss (as he is known in this house) is a complete an utter fucking, twating, bolloxing waste of licence fee payers money. £16m for what?  Showing us how far up his own arse he can shove his head?
Poncing about the place and sticking his tongue up anyone's arse that has got a new film/show/book/single to promote?
Please do me favour and fuck off (keep the change it'll be worth it).
Even though I fucking hate that kiddy fiddler, Gary Glitter, I hear that he has phoned Ross to say he has fucked his daughter, nice one!
Strictly Come Dancing . . . The judges are a bunch of moronic coffin dodgers!
If you don't like the public's opinion then don't invite them to phone in and fucking give it! Leave John Sargeant alone!
The One Show . . . The fucking One Show! That's ironic, there's fucking hundreds of them!
Its another example of shitting out licence fee money 'til the cows come home.
Full of mindless crap and yet another BBC vehicle for anybody who wants to promote their new film/show/book/single.
As for the presenters? A pasty faced twat that looks liked he's walked into a door on the way to the studio and some bird with a face full of teeth that looks like a fucking matchstick with all the wood shaved off!
That Adrian Chiles is fucking everywhere, he's like dog shit!
Fuck off back to Working Lunch where nobody can see you!

Just like the BBC does with some of it's output, I've got a feeling that I'm going to produce a series of worthless fucking episodes of this shit!

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