Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Tinsel Is Dangerous - It's Official

It's comforting to know that as Christmas approaches we can try and forget how much our pathetic government is ruining our lives by putting up a few cheery decorations.

But no, hold on a fucking minute, some wanker of a jobsworth at Scrooge Council HQ has decided that tinsel is dangerous!

A school lollipop man has been told to remove the tinsel from his lollipop because it may distract drivers and put children in danger. Apparently he was 'reported' to the Council by an anonymous passer-by, who had nothing better to do, the sad twat.

Answer me this, you tossers. How can a piece of tinsel be more distracting than some bloke dressed in bright yellow clothing holding a great big fucking lollipop.

Wake up smell the coffee, get a fucking life and stop wasting Council Tax payers money on small minded bollocks.



FAW said...

Jesus christ! What is this world coming too? Next they'll be saying crackers can't bang incase they give us heart attacks.

Anonymous said...

Hope they don't catch me stuffing the turkey!

Anonymous said...

M&S are enforcing a Victorian explosives law and refusing to sell Christmas crackers to children because they contain gunpowder.
Logically they must refuse to sell crackers to anyone since the checkout staff could reasonably expect them to be supplied to said minors ( as is the case with the sale of alcohol and tobacco ).