Saturday, 13 December 2008

BBC Scraps Coverage Over Breeding

Finally the BBC  has seen sense,
refusing to sanction the use of inbreeding,
by withdrawing TV coverage of the
annual parade of the diseased and disfigured.

No longer will we have to endure
the fucking ridiculous spectacle
of these mentally challenged inbreds
parading around in their finery
and barking at anyone who gets in their way.

Even The Scrapster wouldn't bone
his own sister/cousin/niece/mother.
He's got more fucking principles
than that pack of overfed fuckwits.

Also heard that the BBC
are scrapping it's coverage of Crufts in 2009.


Anonymous said...

American Twat interested in this "annual parade of diseased and disfigured" thing. Is this some new reality TV show that you spotted dicks have come up with? Brilliant. Send to the states. We'll put it the Fox Network.

Anonymous said...

Surely all the fat fucks that run those yank TV networks have heard of the 'State Opening of Parliament'?
It used to signify one of the reasons why this country was so great. Unfortunately in more recent decades, every puppetmaster twat of a president that you doughnut lovers have decided to elect, have turned our parliament into a 2 ringed circus.
Put that on the Fox UsUpTheArse Network!

Anonymous said...

Ahh,Parliament. My favorite fag. Although I hardly think its something to build a country around.

Anonymous said...

shit. "It's" not "Its". This twat has mad writing skills.

Anonymous said...

Yet another thing that fucking winds me up!
Now that would be a good subject for a blog.
Twats, twat's or twats' ?

However, CL, the actions of noticing and then correcting ones own error is to be applauded.