Tuesday, 23 December 2008

How to climb 3ft ladder

The shit for brains health and safety inspectors are at it again.
The guardians of the 'nanny state' have insisted that 45 police officers attend a 2 hour course to learn how to use a 3ft step ladder!
Once 'qualified', to use this piece of complicated equipment, they then have to wear a high vis jacket and 'cone off' the ladder so that no-one bumps into it.

Excuse me but what the fuck has happened to good old common sense!

Will you 'nanny state' mongs stop wasting time and money on yet more mindless fucking bollocks. Please go and find something better to do with your lives. Perhaps you could pick up dead leaves on the M1 or something? Please.

I suggest that the police should concentrate on 'sorting out' all those drunken and aggressive wankers that are making our streets increasingly unsafe.
The best way that they can use a 3ft ladder is to clip those ignorant tossers around the ear with it - then, stick a fucking cone up their lardy arses, preferably fat end first, and with a slight left hand twist.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness the gummint were able to warn me of the dangers of exploding gravy in time for Christmas lunch, makes me feel safe in their care. Hoons.

Merry Christmas from a Grateful Citizen

Anonymous said...

Now you tell me.

Had my Xmas lunch early as a precaution against thieving hoodies 'avin me turkee awayee'.
I'm now covered in fucking Bisto.

My GrumpyOldTwatmas has started.