Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Anyone Not Get A New Year Honour?

The wheels have finally come off the 'gong giving' malarky.
It's all just getting fucking ridiculous.
Any twat that bothers to 'get up of a morning' seems to be getting one these days.

If you won a medal at the Olympics then you're fucking home and dry. Thanks for doing well at exactly what you were supposed to do well at - here, have a gong me old mate!
Oh, hang on a minute you did really well so why not have a fucking knighthood. A fucking knighthood for riding a twatting bike? You must be having a giraffe!

Arise Sir Write A Book, arise Sir Do A Bit For Charity, arise Sir County Council Executive. Sweep the roads OBE, sing a few songs CBE, services to this services to that MBE. As for The Order of the Bath. What the fuck is that all about? What a shower!

Please don't get me wrong. I am not saying that they haven't worked hard or that they haven't excelled at what they do. They have my respect for that.
I am just fucking pissed off at the vast waste of time and money, yet again, at the tax payers expense. And for what? What does it achieve? How does it help anyone?
The recipients have already received fair praise and recompense for their efforts.
Why not leave it at that!

PS. If anyone at the Chancellory is reading this I've just finished doing a fucking nice job of fitting a new bathroom. Customer was so pleased that they had to 'knock one out'. Ok, so I got paid for a job very well done, it's one of the many things that I am good at, but any chance of a gong you fuckers!


banned said...

Poor old Bruce Forsyth won't be getting his Knighthood until five years after he made CBE, shame.

Anonymous said...

Yes, poor Brucie.
The last of the great all around entertainers.
He really does deserve a Knighthood.