Tuesday, 28 April 2009

It Could Get Worse

Spotted a story over at Tory Poppins, about the possible outcome of a Cabinet reshuffle in June by the unelected, snot chewing, piss puddling, cock eyed, pink oboe playing, ninny grinning Gordoom Brownfinger.

What really scares the shit out of me is that Lord SoreArse of Manmuncher (Gordom's favourite pink oboe tuner) is predicted to be our next Foreign Secretary!

Next stop for the tenacious testicle tickler?

The next unelected leader of  NuLabore because I can't see the worst Prime Minister since the war making it as far as the next General Election.

As for Jacqui Smith, no P45 for her then, (and why the fucking fuck not?)
she is predicted to be moved to Education!!!!

You have got to be fucking well shitting me . . . . . 


Fidothedog said...

I would just like to add that Jackboot is a cunt.

Cate Munro said...

Now THAT'S fucking HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! Bra-fucking-VO!

Screech said...

Mate i love this pic, consider it used (with due credit of course) in my upcoming, wishful thinking video...no shit you won't belive the word veri on this one...dooche

Anonymous said...

doocheAs in Jackie is a douche bag.
Excellent. Love it.

Faux Cu said...


Well that is fucked up enough in England for her to be of no apparent use.

She must know something about Gorgon's video habits to be relatively safe, until the people arrive with the piano wire.

Anonymous said...

"Gorgon's video habits"

Now there's an idea.
Although I would imagine that they are pretty frightening eh?