Sunday, 26 April 2009

More Sleaze Stains

James Purnell, Minister for the dirty thieving workshy, is the latest cabinet minister to join the the sleaze ridden ranks of NuLabore expenses whores.

According to the Sunday Express James 'Pigsty' Purnell has claimed £1600 for cleaning his £1820 a month apartment but, on closer inspection, it seems that he has vacated his 2nd home without actually cleaning it!

Wine stains on the walls, grimy kitchen, dirty sink and damp patches on the filthy carpets were just some of evidence of neglect, according to the tax payer funded tenant's landlord.

James Purnell, Minister for the dirty thieving workshy.
Leading by example.



Cate Munro said...

That's disgusting! I heard last week that he and Ed Millipede are being tipped to succeed the bogey-ridden pant pisser. I really don't know which is worse. I cannot ABIDE Purnell. Hypocritical wankstain! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I also heard that Pigsty Purnell is favourite to replace Jacqui 'The Queen of Sleaze' Smith.

That'll be a straight replacement then.

Like for like.

Tameside Mafia said...

Purnell claims £400 a month to eat like a pig. Now we know he also lives like one.

Anonymous said...

those stains and that make the conditions ideal for swine flu.

let's hoe he gets it.

couldn't happent to a nicer 'bloke'