Monday, 6 April 2009

Too Busy To Hold An Election!

Apparently our esteemed Prime Minister the unelected, one eyed, pant pissing lardy arse is far too busy to hold a General Election just now.

You're having a fucking giraffe aren't you?

Too busy! Too fucking busy!

Scared fucking shitless more like.
Kacking his oversized pants (makes a change from pissing them) because not even that deluded twat can possibly think he can win a General Election after pushing our Country over the precipice of an economic cliff.

Unbelievably the Rt.Hon. Gordon Brown man munching mound of margarine, thinks that he can win a snap General Election by capitalising on his "G20 summit bounce" in the opinion polls. Who the fuck did they consult for this poll? Him?

"I am not going to get into talk about dates" he said, "We have got to show people how we can take the country through this difficulty."

Fuck the fuck off.
We can already see the evidence of what you are capable of.
And we don't fucking care much for it.

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As for hopeless Hattie Harman, she is fucking convinced that she is going to be the next party leader of the equally hopeless NuLabore. 

Apparently the man hating minge muncher is already trying to persuade slippery Jack Straw to be her leadership campaign manager.

Yes that's right.

The very same twat that managed Gordoom's and Bliar's leadership campaigns and look where that fucking got us all.

Fuck the fuck off, the whole pathetic lot of you!

That is all.


Sue said...

I am beyond angry at this government for not allowing the electorate a choice after the mess that they have got us into. I am livid, I am incensed, infuriated and exasperated.. I am fucking fuming!

Cate Munro said...

And I am beyond BEYOND angry. How fucking DARE they treat us like idiots . . . they just keep on taking the fucking piss. We NEED to get them out. I'm screwing!

Lawson said...

With a bit of luck, they'll soon be so busy screwing each other, that they won't have any time left to fuck us over anymore.

WV= notshi,and they aint.

Lawson said...

On second thoughts, instead of him having a "Giraffe" can we arrange for the giraffe to have him?

Anonymous said...


What an excellent idea Lawson, that should make his one good eye water a bit, eh.

May return soon..fuckety fuck. said...

maybe an elephant and a donkey can join in the one eyed, pant pissing gang bang too?

Fidothedog said...

Can you imagine Harperson running this shit fest, fucking hell it would be an eternity in opposition after that.

banned said...

Good, I hope Labour oust the Brown Beast and elect any of their useless wimmin.
They would then be assured of total electoral catastrophe.
( By which I do not mean that all Ladies are useless, just those that have thus far climbed labours greasy pole ).

All Seeing Eye said...

They are all doomed. Hopefully they will choose their least-worst candidate who will then be toast at the next election regardless.

Then they lurch to the left and are out of power for a decade.