Monday, 6 April 2009

Cash in the Attic

. . . . and the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, lounge
and even the fucking garden!

Even more details of that despicable cash cow Jacqui Smith and her husband Dirty Dick's tax payers money spending spree have emerged in the Sunday Sexpress.

The whole outrageous £150,000 list of expenses that those two twats have been creaming off us all, on top of their generous annual salaries, (Wacqui £142,000 and Wackoff £40,000) is detailed in the paper, room by room.

I won't go into each individual item here but the approximate totals for each room are as follows:

Kitchen £2336

Bathroom £1218

Living Room £2815

Bedroom £815

Garden £2210

General Services £3896

 . . . and, as if that wasn't enough, for the last five years they have also managed to syphon off another huge pile of our hard earned cash by banging receipts in for all the following:

Mortgage £54249

Utility Bills £9881

Council Tax £4488

Home Insurance £1990

Cleaning £12000

Internet £13617

TV Licence £680

Absolutely fucking astounding isn't it.

I am sick and fucking tired of this dictatorial, duplicitous drongo telling us all what to do and how to behave whilst the fat arsed sponger and her cock waving husband are jerking us off for every fucking penny that they can get their grubby little hands on.

I will not let up on this poor excuse for an MP until she has been jackbooted out of office and dragged herself, and that equally loathsome husband of hers, back under a fucking stone where they both belong.

That is all!


Catosays said...

How the fuckety-fuck can you spend £13K on the internet?

subrosa said...

I was about to ask that Cato! Jacqui won't be bothered too much though, she's made her pile. Lovely to have the taxpayers buy your house and contents and to sit pretty once she's out of office.

Cate Munro said...

!3K on the internet hey? I hear those porn sites can be pretty expensive!
Great post G.O.T!

banned said...

Wot they ^ said plus
"Council Tax £4488" How the fuckingety fuck can they claim back Council Tax !!!
That's surely worse than claiming Stamp fucking Duty FFS !

Bollox, I'm off down the pub to get my baccy off Dodgy Geezer for use in the smoke-in after 11p