Thursday, 9 April 2009

Anti Sleaze Sleaze

Spotted this absolute fucking outrage at the online current bun.

Ten of our honourable MP's troughing tosspots, who are supposed to be acting as anti-sleaze watchdogs on our behalf, have claimed £4million in expenses.

Apparently members of the all-party Committee on Standards and Privileges have syphoned off the taxpayer an eye fucking watering £4,047,325 since joining in July 2005.

This is on top of the MP cash creaming cunts salary of £64,000.

Three of the troughing twats have claimed the full £23,083 second home allowance and a fourth sky rocketed just £1,000 short of the maximum.

Last year the same 'anti sleaze' fucking sleaze shites claimed £1.4million of our hard earned cash in housing, travel, staff and office costs.

The Chairman of these swag stashing shit bags, Tory MP Sir George Young, even employs his daughter via his taxpayer-funded allowances. 

And get this . . . . 

Labour’s Andrew Dismore spent a staggeringly unbelievable £37,414 just on stationery in the year that he joined the committee.


37 grand on fucking letterheads and shit.
Fuck off.
What was it printed on?
Fifty pound notes! 

And fuck me sideways with a wad of folding, the piss taking prick managed another fucking £29,145 on even more stationery in the following year.

This leaves me to ask the same old fucking question.

Who is watching the watchers?

That is all.


Fidothedog said...

Just done a post on this fucker, gave ya a hat tip as used the pic.

Also mentioned his fawning over Fidel Castrol GTX.

Oh then e-mailed the illiberal fucker and laugh/mock this the reply stated that the bastard is off in Africa patronizing the natives on human rights.

AntiCitizenOne said...

Does any of the stationary get sold by a company owned by an MP?