Sunday, 31 October 2010

Quote Of The Day

"We had token Tory Iain Dale on who could be relied upon to join in the BBC mockery of the Tea Party people in the States and true to form he lived down to expectations. (Hope the cheque is a good one, Iain) .... we have a Conservative joining with with Dame Helena Kennedy and Marr himself in denigrating those in the Tea Party. Let's see their faces on Wednesday morning ... A guilty Jew, a gay Conservative - the BBC picks its guests very carefully."
Vance on Dale on Marr

More here and the comments are very enlightening too, especially the one about the apparent criteria of how the BBC production staff choose their guests ;-)



Oldrightie said...

I get the impression Marr wipes his arse with his ears.

Ditherywig said...

The Tories really need to deal with BBC. They have not done so yet. If they don't, they will regret it, big time.

AnthonyS said...

Separated at birth? Andrew (The BBC is my preciousssssss) Marr and Golem.

What a prize twat Andrew Marr is.

Bring On The Revolution said...

Marr and Harman, just shoot the pair of utterly brain-dead leftie, Muzzie-luvvie, Socialist marxist Commie "Diversity and equality" fuckwit cunts!!

james higham said...

On the edge of my seat.

GrumpyOldTwat said...

"<span>Separated at birth? Andrew Marr and Golem" < I've never seen them in the same room together ;)

Travellin' man said...

I gave up reading Mrs dale's diary ages ago. List after list after list - almost bloody capsized.

BRICKBAT said...

cunts one and all
born 63 saw wilson(sec shagger) heath(shit stabber and thorpe)saw maggie (milk grabber) all fucksticks one and all
and we ended up with fucking "i´m sorry for being a thief  "

BRICKBAT said...

That old fucker would have torn them another arse and kicked red andys dad in the fucking, fucking face with a size 10 hobnail boot