Monday, 5 July 2010

Kerry McCarthy Fail (Again)

Kerry McCarthy, the dozy, brain dead, twittering, ex twatter tsar of twatting New Labour has been at it again. This time the electoral law flouting fuckette (what the fuck happened about that anyway) has tweeted this picture to her 6,200 followers:

Regardless of whether you think Cameron is or isn't a wanker you'd have thought that an honourable MP would have erred on the side of caution, before twatting an image like that around the internet.

Some might say that she's quite simply stupid or others that she's just displaying the typically arrogant attitude, that all 'members' of the Westminster Village seem to possess these days.

She's a cunt and so are all the cunts that voted for her.

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Ampers said...

Just stupid, Gotty. People rise up in life. The muck are at the bottom of the pile (Statists, then they study well at home and school and if they are a reasonable amount of intelligence, they move up and become Centists. Then, if the wisest amongst them are lucky enough to see the light, they rise higher and become Libertarians.

Kelly, alas, it still at the bottom of the pile.


Anonymous said...

The bitch appears to have got away with electoral fraud GOT, I complained to the presiding officer but have heard bugger all since, she should have been disqualified and jailed for what she attempted/nay succeeded in doing.
This system is all to cock us poor fuckers will ALWAYS pay the price while those bastards get away with murder!!
I am sick of it, and them!!!

Indyanhat said...

Twas me before f'in form filling!

Oldrightie said...

One cow that gives all bovines a bad name.

All Seeing Eye said...

Have you chased the complaint, Indyanhat? Keep the pressure on - they've got to at least answer it.

Billy Blofeld said...

I'm with Ampers.  She's stupid and leans towards the Prescott (24 carat oaf) wing of the party.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps she got bored with electoral fraud. It's probably good fourth form fun Kerry, but is this what you are getting a substantial salary plus one of the best pension schemes in the world for? Perhaps we are the wankers or not throwing you out quick time. Just so glad you are not my MP.

Captain Haddock said...

Could the Dog Catcher from her local Council not be bribed to grab her with a noose on a stick ..  Then cage the bitch .. ?

So that we could all treat her as dogs treat things .. If you can't hump it or eat it, just piss on it and walk away ..

GrumpyOldTwat said...

Yes, chase it up Indy.
I had an email from one of our other regular commentors, who has done just that, and is awaitng a reply from the Acting Election Officer.