Thursday, 15 October 2009

Gordon Brown Sends More Troops?

So, the "most unpopular Prime Minister in British history" has announced that he will probably be sending another 500 of our Armed Forces to Afghanistan. No mention of us staying there for another 20 or 30 years though, eh.

By way of a change I thought I would publish an email, that I received on the subject, from one of the regular commentators here. It's straight from the heart and I don't think I could have put it better myself . . .

GOT, I had to mail you because I'm feel fucking physically sick. How the fuck can Brown say he's sending more troops to Afghanistan - if key conditions are met, i.e. The troops are properly ( for once ) equipped. WTF has been happening for these past 6 or 7 years.The top brass at the military have been practically BEGGING for this, and now that cunt is saying they must have the proper kit before he sends them to war!

GOT, I cannot even begin to express my anger. I've literally got a headache through thinking about it. My head is banging because I'm SO fucking angry at this pompus twat. How DARE he? How the fuck has he the NERVE? What must the parents of our brave lads and lasses be feeling right now?

If I hadn't e-mailed you, I think I would have gone down the shops and battered to death one of the thugs down there. I needed to commit my anger to writing, and thanks in advance, because I know you'll understand. This prick PM has blood running out of every pore in relation to our troops. HE is responsible for body bags and coffins. I've never felt like this before, GOT. I'm usually a laid-back kind of guy...but this...I can't adequatley describe him...baffoon, is taking the military and the public as mugs. This monster is responsible for young kids loss of life, and a parents lifetime of sadness, THEN has the arrogance to ask/blame the military for proper kit.

Many thanks mate. Sometimes my command of the English language falls foul, but I hope you get my drift. I speak from the heart because I'm a parent.


Lawson said...

Ansel, you aren't alone in your feelings. New words are going to be needed to describe the contempt that the people of this Country feel for Gord and the scum that support him.

Fuck the lot of them, fuck them back to the hell that spawned them.

banned said...

Ansel, do calm down or you will do yourself an injury.
My feeling is that the " properly equipped " bit will be gordons let-out clause for not sending them anyway, as though it is anyone elses fault but his that they are improperly equipped in the first place.

Captain Haddock said...

Ansel, mate .. as a retired serviceman myself .. I can well appreciate & understand your feelings of contempt and deep loathing for the bunch of wankers responsible for this travesty ..

Unfortunately, until there's a General Election we have no opportunity to show our feelings of disgust & revulsion by voting this grubby lot out of power ..

They simply ignore public feeling, they ignore international opinion, they ignore the press ..

The one thing they won't be able to ignore is waking up the morning after & the awful realisation that they're back in the "real" world dawning on them & have only the same flimsy laws to protect them as the rest of us ..

It falls to us .. the Voters to ensure that happens ..

Lauren Simcock said...

Firstly,thanks so much GOT for the posting.I've re-read what I said,and my English is crap at describing how I feel.Yesterday at PMQ's,Brown took 4 minutes to read out the names of soliders that had died during the summer.He looked the most insincere bag of shit that I've ever seen ( and Cameron was no better either ).They really don't give a fuck,do they?
Banned mate...I understand your views.I DO get angry a LOT..but there's a good reason for it.I've spent 7 years fighting to protect the life of my daughter.Her mother has OCD,Bi-polar and is a manic depressive.She's had thoughts about KILLING her own child,and I've been to every single fucker you can think of for help,but everyone says I can't do anything until something happens.WTF? So,I know what it feels like to worry every day to think you may not see your child again.It's a horrible thought,and it eats and eats away at you.I've got custody now,so at least I have SOME peace,but those parents don't have any such thing.Thinking that your child is ill-equiped to protect themselves,must make each and every day a living hell for these mothers and fathers.
I know I talk shit most of the time,but as a parent who has spents years worrying when he says goodbye to his child it will be for the last time,I can't help but feel the way I do

Captain Haddock said...

This is the latest scandal from the "Beloved" Leader ..

This will not only affect the "Teeth" Arms (Infantry, Armoured Corps & Royal Marines) but will have serious effect on Medical Services, since the closure of the Military Hospitals, all Arms of the Forces have largely had to rely on the services of TA soldiers to man Field Ambulance Units ..

So, not only are the men on the ground being put at risk .. if they are unfortunate to become casualties, their chances of survival will be seriously impaired too ..

Meanwhile, the boss-eyed loon keeps blundering away in his own little world .. giving money to "poor" India .. who have just launched a space rocket .. FFS .. you couldn't make it up ..

Anonymous said...

Entirely agree and to send the TA off to Afghanistan (or anywhere else for that matter) should be treason - I've left my suggestion over at isacunt...

Capn. Haddock, we also give aid to Pakistan and China - yes China.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that should read to send the TA off to Afghanistan (or anywhere else for that matter) without all training necessary...

Bring On The Revolution said...

Well said Ansel! The only place fit for that fucking useless treacherous, treasonous cunt Brown and the rest of his Labour-leftie socialist, Marxist, Cummunist fuckwits is in the hangman's noose!